Fold App is giving away 1 WHOLE Bitcoin!

Fold App is giving away 1 WHOLE Bitcoin!

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 24 Nov 2020

What is Fold?

Fold is my favorite crypto app. There are three things that make Fold awesome:

1. Fold allows you to buy gift cards to a number of retailers, but unlike other Fiat apps, Fold rewards you with Bitcoin when you make purchases. For example, you can get 2% BTC back when buying Amazon gift cards and even higher for other gift cards.

2. If you have no interest in gift cards, the app lets you get free Bitcoin just for checking in to the app daily. Once every 24 hours you can spin their wheel that can let you win some sats or extra % back on gift cards. Even better, when you check in for 7 days in a row, the app gives you a 1000 sat bonus.

3. They're rolling out their own Bitcoin debit card that allows you to earn sats back for every purchase! There are still a lot of details to hash out, but this could be a major development and an easy way to dollar cost average into BTC. I am super stoked!


So what about that 1 BTC??!

They're in the process of rolling out the first batch of cards to their early access group, but something we all should care about is the chance to win 1 whole Bitcoin!!!

This week they are running a give away for 1 BTC as part of Black Friday. To join in on the fun, eligible customers should sign up for Fold (you get 20,000 sats to start off) and then should receive a follow up email with more details about how to enter with Carrot and about how to enter the big contest.

The odds are supposedly based off of the number of new sign ups, but even if the odds are zero, Fold is an app to keep your eye on. It is hard to keep up with the speed they work and roll out new features.

Thanks for reading!

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