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5 Tips for Upland Noobs

I have been playing Upland casually for almost 8 months and I have a few tips to make life easier for people just starting out. But first, what is Upland? Upland is an EOS blockchain property trading game where you spend and earn UPX to acquire digital properties in San Francisco, Fresno, or New York City. Properties pay you rent that you can reinvest into newer properties. Like I said, I have been playing casually. I have not spent any real money and I mostly enjoy meandering around cities I am unfamiliar with (I've always loved games like Monopoly and geography).

Starting out the game is quick to understand, but in my 8 months I've learned a few tips to share with anyone just starting. Of course, it is just my own way of doing things and you might get more enjoyment out of a different method of property management.


Here are 5 tips:

1. Don't forget to renew your visa

Until you fork up some cash or hit a value of 10,000 UPX, you are just a visitor, not a citizen of Upland. If you fail to renew your visa, you will lose whatever you've accumulated. The game gives you a warning when your visa is almost expired, but I usually check in every 5 days or so.

2. Start earning early

With your initial budget, there will be many properties WAY too expensive. Find a property you like early on so that you start getting income. You earn this income from rent and if any other player jumps to your property from somewhere else in the city.

3. Be patient

Don't expect to be an Upland millionaire overnight. Income comes in slowly, but surely. You will likely have to wait to buy a second property, so just enjoy seeing a new city in the meantime. It took me several months to afford a second property.

4. Get to a cheaper city

Just like in real life, Upland prices in San Francisco and New York are pricier than other cities. My first property was in San Francisco, but my second, third, and fourth will likely be in Fresno (or another cheaper city) where I can get a few properties on the same street for less. Keep in mind to get to Fresno I had to get to the train station and then buy a ticket. I wanted to save my UPX so I waited until my game piece wandered near the station.

5. Try to get collections

Speaking of the same street, there are certain challenges or collections that you can work toward that give you a bonus. Some will likely be way down the line, but a few of the easier ones provide good goals. Currently I'm working toward a few properties in the same neighborhood, so it gives my something to work toward.



Thank you all for reading! I hope these quick tips are helpful for any newer players. Please comment with any tips or thoughts of your own.

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