How to mine crypto with botfarms and is it worth it?

For this example, we will be using a Amazon AWS free tier Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base with 1 vCPU running XMRig non-stop for a week. 


  • a computer
  • XMRig Monero mining software
  • A Amazon AWS account (requires credit card)
  • Luck. Hope you don't get caught.

First, open the launch instance wizard.

Then, we will launch a Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base instance and connect to it.


Remember to save the .pem key file. You'll need it later.

You should then click "view instances".

Then click "connect".


Download the remote desktop file, then press "get password". 

Choose the .pem file that you saved earlier and decrypt the password using that. Make sure to write down your password.

After that, open the remote desktop file and connect to the other computer using the password. Copy XMRig to that computer.

Run XMRig and logoff. (Programs continue running)

Okay. Now, let's look at how much it can make us.

It's been a week and my free tier computing usage is at 93.8%. I'm going to shut it down for now. Let's look at the results.

After a virtual machine has started mining, it first reaches about 55 h/s before dropping to about 5 h/s after about an hour. Reason: unknown. This means that you have to open lots of virtual machines to get noticeable amounts of Monero.


Blue lines are where I added miners. At the time of writing, I had 17 miners.

At the time of writing, I had earned about 0.000141 XMR, which amounts to 0.0087 U.S dollars. 

According to whattomine, I would be earning 0.000062 XMR per day, which seems reasonably accurate, given that I only had 17 computers on the last day.

So, the estimated value of your Botfarm per month would depend on how many instances you had, of course, but Amazon AWS also imposes a usage restriction on free tier cloud computing, meaning if you did not wish to spend money, the maximum amount of time you could mine was 750 hours.

With a hashrate of 100 h/s, you would earn 0.000004 XMR per hour, and the maximum you could mine per month is 0.003 XMR.

Thanks for reading.

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