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Everyone here is into Crypto Currency in one form or another. There are the serious institutional investors, the traders & of course those that Hold On for Dear Life - “”HODLERS”.

So I say, let’s have some fun with a little wild speculation. After all that’s how this CRYPTO CURRENCY all got started. Mining some unknown crazy coin in our basements & garages with equipment that started out small and now has grown to massive power consuming beasts. Well guess what??? Now we can do it on our phones and in the cloud...

This New MMA (Mobil Mining App) caught my eye when it launched in February this year. It does remind me of Pi & Bee with a little more of a colonial feel to it. I am sure the logo and other graphics have a lot to do with that feel. The roadmap below is a progressive vision in my opinion. Twelve months to full realization. Sure I like that outlook but reality gets the best of PROJECTS intentions. 

Keeping an open mind the PROJECT is split into 4 Phases which appear to be thought out and have the potential to happen. So many PROJECTS jump into the Crypto scene with no real plan and then sink like rocks. I appreciate a good layout that gives milestones to follow. 

I am not going to tell you this one or any of these New Projects will ever be the next Bitcoin. What I will express is they are fun adventures that can be joined for free. If you find any value in paying for upgrades including faster mining speeds just remember it’s all speculation - a crapshoot...

The app is still not available for ISO but you can run it on any Android compatible devices. I like the ease of use and the in-app ability to send reminders to our down stream referrals that we see sitting idle. I haven’t encountered any glitchy activity and have had slight interaction with the support system. They provided quick answers to my questions about switching from devices without any duplication and/or loss of earnings issues. 

News is posted within the app and upgrades have been provided without any headaches. 

I chose to pay for the upgrade in the very beginning $2.99 which instantly increased my hourly mining and gives an edge to planned reductions. As most other PROJECTS the amount of coin mined tends to be reduced as the total users increase. 

The referral program is straightforward with an initial 10 coins for any joiners you bring in and a 25% mining bonus to you when they are active. As of this writing there were already 250k miners and growing. It’s a good time to jump on board...  

So for now I have no withdrawals to report and that’s expected. This is NEW PROJECT with no listing, wallet and/or conversion offered at this time. Please feel to use my link to join and explore this PROJECT. Let me know if you have any questions or find anything new to include in an update I will doin the future. 

Thanks for taking time to read through my quick review of this New Mobil Mining App PROJECT.

My referral is: GRANDOLDMAN

Download Eagle Mining app at https://eaglenetwork.app

Eagle Network Project Roadmap

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Been dabbling in writing on my other blogs for a year now. Here I will be concentrating on NEW CRYPTO PROJECTS including MMAs (Mobil Mining Apps), Cloud Mining & “”FIRST IN OFFERS””...


Here you can follow my exploits through the maze of new MMAs. Mobil Mining Apps. New Crypto Projects are flooding Social Media Platforms with zillions of invites. I will share with you my findings after powering through TESTING the “New Projects” which all claim to be the next Bitcoin. I will label “”TESTING”” when I first get onboard and then “”SCAM”” if I find there is no real chance the PROJECT is going to actually allow withdrawals of mined coin. Let’s explore together...

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