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By ArtemDape | Exorde | 20 Jul 2022

Exorde is built on 4 main technological pillars:

1.Ethereum is a decentralized computing platform. You can consider it a kind of laptop or PC, but with the caveat that this system cannot function on only one device. Ethereum simultaneously works on thousands of computing machines around the world, that is, it does not have a single owner.Ethereum, Layer 1 network: Acts as a secure and transparent settlement layer. This is the chain that provides the economy of Exorde tokens.


2. SKALE is an open source elastic blockchain network that gives developers the ability to easily create fully decentralized chains with extensive customization options. It serves as a security and execution layer that connects to Ethereum and is deeply integrated into the Ethereum network. The network scales linearly to support thousands of independent blockchain file storage chains (elastic side chains) and other types of subcains — all of them are tied to the public Ethereum network and are fully compatible with the entire Ethereum ecosystem.SKALE chains can execute subsecond time intervals, execute more than 2,000 transactions per second on each chain, and run full-state smart contracts in addition to decentralized storage and machine learning in EVM. SKALE, Layer 2 network: An elastic side chain network connected to a layer 1 chain acting as an execution layer. It is a scalable and elastic environment that provides high transaction throughput. The Exorde SKALE sidechain is a place where Exorde members and users will connect. It is at this Level 2 that the Exorde collaboration architecture is built on. This level allows you to create a scalable platform where thousands of users can participate and interact.

3. Filecoin is one of the few non—financial blockchain startups. It is a decentralized data storage system that intends to replace the expensive and inefficient Google and Amazon servers. The blockchain is used to guarantee the security of information, and the Filecoin (FIL) cryptocurrency is used to pay for free disk space. Filecoin, a decentralized data storage network: acts as a censorship-protected distributed storage for data generated by Exorde work systems.

4. NLP-Natural language processing (NLP) is a subset of artificial intelligence on which voice bots and text analytics work.

NLP is an AI discipline that trains machines to recognize human language and turn it into useful data that can be used to solve a variety of tasks.

In Exorde, NLP modules are used by platform participants to maintain and organize a decentralized neural database consisting of all fragments of information that participants contribute to the system. NLP allows you to automate the clustering of similar and related content on the Internet to build knowledge graphs on top of the source data.

Exorde is powered by its community, driven by its economy and rules. This community of participants will work together on the basic level of indexing.

This main layer, which, in fact, is an information graph for collaboration, is “woven” and developed using distributed web scanning performed by participants engaged in information mining. Technically, this process consists in the fact that each participant extracts structured and hierarchical information from web pages, such as text (articles, social networks, free text, etc.). This knowledge extraction is a difficult part of the job. This will be done by a hybrid combination of artificial intelligence and community-based work. The artificial intelligence component (using NLP for text content) will allow you to recognize objects in the text, extract sentences, facts, compare them with each other and perform similarity checks. The supervisory part will add the necessary human interaction to pre-process and support the work performed by AI-based tools. This approach seems important in order to make the work of the participants as efficient as possible, but, above all, the most relevant and up-to-date regarding the information extracted by the network.

Since this is a decentralized job, it needs to be verified by the network. This means that a set of validators will systematically check and evaluate the quality of the work performed by this indexer. Validators will evaluate the work based on a set of guidelines and diagrams. The Exorde token economy is a core component of each process: the participant's work will be validated and then rewarded with an Exorde Token (EXD). The awards will encourage the fastest and most relevant work to be done, as it will reward the participants who do the most valuable work (both in quantity and quality). The token-based incentive model creates a favorable dynamic based on competition, attracting the best data processing specialists, collectors and information seekers on the network. This decentralized and competitive dynamic ensures that Exorde increases the relevance, quality and speed of information collection on the Internet, increasing the value of its services and products.

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Exorde is the web3 protocol that empowers developers to scrape and link all public data on the web. The Exorde protocol receives as input urls of public information: social network posts, press articles, photos, videos... These urls are processed in a decentralized data pipeline giving as output data graphs that link all similar data and facts.

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