ThePredictionSeries: prediction 165.1: monday, January 2 2023 : Todays Prediction .

By excelencia | excelencia | 2 Jan 2023

If your post was appearing in the NEW rubric of PublishOx around the same time with this prediction post 165.1, stay tuned for the appearance of post 165.2 with the result of the prediction to potentially see your post featured and eventually be maxtipped in case Excelencia's prediction 165.1 would have been wrong.

Scrolling down You'll see the actual price situations of BTC, ETH and AMPL and the post that yesterday Sunday was positioned  at rank 1 at the moment the prediction post 164.1 entered at rank 2 instead of at the wrongly predicted rank 1  in the NEW rubric on PublishOx.


Watching carefully the sequence of entering posts in the New rubric here on PublishOx, can increase your skills to push the publishing button for your next post at the right moment: the higher a post enters in the New page, the more visibility it will receive.



In this  series, Excelencia is going  to make a  prediction :                                      

Excelencia will give his prediction about the rank his  prediction posts are going to enter in the new rubric at the PublishOx website.

Click in the picture below if you want to go to the NEW page at the website from PublishOx.



If you like to see the results of Excelencia's  predictions, you can click each  day in the new episode of this series.         

The next day of each prediction, You will see the Views, Earnings and Likes/Dislikes the post has received.            

Yesterday, Sunday, January 1  2023, Excelencia was wrong in his prediction that his one hundred and sixty-fourth prediction post would be going to enter at rank 1 in the NEW rubric, because in reality, the prediction 164.1 post entered at rank 2 in the NEW rubric on  the PublishOx website. 

Click in the picture to enlarge the image.



Here are the Views, the Earned amount and the Likes/Dislikes the prediction 164.1 and prediction 164.2 posts have received:   




The day today is monday, January 2  2023 and this is:                            


                                   Prediction 165:                                                                                                                               

This post is going to enter in the NEW rubric at rank:


                        Photo by

After waiting for the publishing of the post, which takes between around 0 and 7 minutes, Excelencia makes a screenshot of the NEW page with the rank at which this post entered in the NEW page and after that,  in post "ThePredictionSeries: prediction 165.2: The Result" , the result of the prediction will be showed with the screenshot of the NEW page.                                      

In "ThePredictionSeries: prediction 3, Excelencia wrote:     
Perhaps it is best to publish two posts from prediction 4 on, the first with the prediction and the second with the result of the prediction.  

So, this post with prediction 165 will be followed  with a second post(ThePredictionSeries: prediction 165.2 : The Result) containing the actual result with screenshot as proof .   

Stay alert for the publishing of:

"ThePredictionSeries 165.2 : The Result", as of 08:00 am UTC 

Come back everyday to see the actual price evolution of Bitcion(BTC), Ethereum(ETH) and Ampleforth(AMPL):





Cheers and may You all have a wonderfull monday today and a blessed New Year2023!                                        


                                           Photo by SJ . on Unsplash

Featured in this prediction 165.1  is the post that yesterday Sunday was positioned  at rank 1 at the moment the prediction post 164.1 entered at rank 2 instead of at the wrongly predicted rank 1  in the NEW rubric on PublishOx:



                        Photo by


January 2023: P=Prediction, R= Result of the Prediction

2:P | 2:R |1:P |1:R

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Thumbnail Image  by Jen Theodore on Unsplash, edited by Excelencia.                                




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