TheDailyStatsSeries: day5

By excelencia | excelencia | 11 Apr 2022

It's monday, april 11 2022 and here are the Stats from yesterday sunday, april 10:      




   What to see when we compare these stats with this saturday's stats?

Below are again the stats for saturday, april 9 2022:


What's remarkable in this comparison?

The greater number of given tips and $amount of the tips given on sunday, with a practically same number of users.

  • sunday:20,417 tips given,  saturday: 20,208 tips given.
  • sunday: a total of $176,.7 was tipped, saturday: $133.15 was tipped.
  • sunday: tips were given by 4,840 users, saturday tips were given by 4,843 users...question,question, question...yet another head breaker...

See also the head breaker represented by the huge $amount of the given tips on tuesday, april 5 ($1,319.14) compared with other days(mostly between $100 and $200...).

Snapshot taken on wednesday, april 6 2022, representing the stats of tuesday, april 5 2022.          


Until now, I don't know the underlying reason for this extraordinary amount tipped.

As for this sundays stats, the question arises:

How can a practically same number of users (4,840 on sunday and 4,843 on  saturday) ,give 20,417 tips on sunday, but only 20,208 on saturday, what do I miss in this mystery?

After some mind spinning

It must be that on saturday the users that clicked on a post were a bit lazyer or innocent about giving tips then those on sunday, they missed the tips also, pity for them then, as for the writers, isn't it?


There should be a clear message on top of an article, for new and innocent readers, that near the bottom of the page there is a nice bar ,where you can give and receive a tip in the same time, isn't it?


After giving this suggestion, I'll leave it up to you, estimated readers, to comment on this eventually.

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice and fruitfull monday!


                         Photo by SJ . on Unsplash


Excelencia started this TheDailyStatsSeries on  April 5 2022, while thinking it could be usefull for PublishOx users to find daily stats only one click away, with some occasionally added personaln unpretentious observation and interpretation.

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