TheDailyStatsSeries: day3

By excelencia | excelencia | 9 Apr 2022

Excelencia started this TheDailyStatsSeries on  April 5 2022, while thinking it could be usefull for PublishOx users to find daily stats only one click away.

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It's saturday, april 9 2022, and Excelencia keeps turning his mind...         

Excelencia keeps turning his mind over the amount of tips given tuesday,april 5 2022,  because of the remarkable hight of the amount compared with other days, an amount that is around a tenfold (!)the amount of other days in the near of tuesday...: $1,319.14!!!!


Let's go back then to tuesday, april 5 2022 to try to find out the reason for this much greater amount in dollars of the given tips:

1. Could it have been a typo?

2. Let's start to check all the 131 posts from tuesday:

I found out now that scrolling down for all the articles under the "new" tab on the PublishOx website top bar, I could only reach 100 articles back in time, representing to around 22 hours from now in the past...            

What to do to find articles more in the past, until to see the 131 posts from tuesday april 5th...?

I stopped turning my mind, and decided to change the subject: 

Let's see the stats for yesterday friday, april 8 2022:



22.016 tips given by 5,125 users. A total of $134.01 was tipped.

122 posts were published by 108 users.

366 users joined the site.

What's remarkable here is the greater surge in new users that joined the PublishOx Community: 366 (compare this for example with thursday, april 7: 265 and tuesday, april 5: 238)


Why Bitcoin is About to take Over was the most tipped post, receiving  $1,65 until now:


That's it already for today folks.

Should you like to see more episodes coming in this TheDailyStatsSeries, you can give a thumbup andor a tippy tip to encourage and estimulate Excelencia to keep "statsing"

If you came until here, thanks for reading!

Hope to seeyall back in following days,



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Excelencia started this TheDailyStatsSeries on  April 5 2022, while thinking it could be usefull for PublishOx users to find daily stats only one click away, with some occasionally added personaln unpretentious observation and interpretation.

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