TheDailyStatsSeries: day 14

By excelencia | excelencia | 20 Apr 2022

On thursday before Easter, we saw a considerable greater amount of new users on the PublishOx platform!

It's wednesday, april 20 2022 and here are the Stats from yesterday tuesday, april 19 2022: 


22,312 tips given by 5,157 users. A total of $182.23 was tipped.

119 posts were published by 100 users.

373 users joined the site.

The most tipped post was:

#UplandWealthBuilding Writing Contest and Giveaway - $1,200 in ETH Prize Pool! ,having received $2.49 until now:



Is there something special to see here?

Sure there is:

After the retake of the activity on PublishOx on monday already, this tuesday , the first normal working day after the Prolonged Easter Weekend shows us a farther increase in activitys as : tips given , tipping users, posts published and publishing users.

here are the daily fixed parameters analyzing the stats:

  • Average number of tips given per tipping users: 22,312 tips given / by 5,157 tippers makes 4,33 
  • Average $tipped per tipping user: $182.23 / 5,157 makes $0.035
  • Average $tipped per post: $182.23 / 119 makes $1.53
  • $amount per tip: $182.23 / 22,312 makes $0.0082


Let's reconsider for a while the Prolonged Easter Weekends Stats:


I think there is a lot to see here:

  • We can see a general decline in activity on PublishOx on friday, saturday and Sunday, which in my opinion can be declared because people tend to enjoy a prolonged fest weekend doing more activitys outside then on the internet. Then we see again an increase in PublishOx activity on monday, also a normal  trend in my opinion because now people are restarting already there weekly sort of activity on PublishOx.
  • Tipping users apparently were more generous on thursday, at the start of the Prolonged Easter Weekend, if we look at the total $amount tipped and compare with the other days of this prolonged weekend.
  • On thursday before Easter, we see a considerable greater amount of new users on the PublishOx platform! There are several indicators that a prolonged fest weekend has the effect on people to make decisions as to join a platform ,as they are in a good mood at the start of the prolonged weekend, and take more time to pass on the internet on an evening  where they are sure to be in the possibility to be more relaxed for several days to come, we can see it also at the total $dollar amount tipped , they seem to become more generous together by being in a good mood.
  • If we conceive thursday, april 14 as the start of the Prolonged Easter Weekend, we can compare this day with a normal weekends friday, let's take friday, april 8:


Although on thursday before Easter, there were less tips given, less posts published and less publishing users, there were more tipping users, resulting in a considerable greater $amount tipped...  less tips given but more tipping users, that leads me to the conclusion that users were inclined to be more generous at the start of the prolonged Easter weekend, what do you think?

It will be interesting to see if, at the start on friday evenings in a normal weekend, users also tend to be more generous then on other days:

Let's wait with this observation if we have some more normal fridays integrated  in these TheDailyStatsSeries, as friday, april 14 is part of a prolonged Easter weekend and thus not can be taken as a normal friday.


That's it already for todays episode in this TheDailyStatsSeries, thanks for you attention!

Stay alert for upcoming new episodes to come.

May you all have a splendid wednesday!



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Excelencia started this TheDailyStatsSeries on  April 5 2022, while thinking it could be usefull for PublishOx users to find daily stats only one click away, with some personal added interpretation and observation.

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