TheDailyStatsSeries: day 10

By excelencia | excelencia | 16 Apr 2022

The steady grow in the number of new users is not reflected in the number of posts or the number of publishing users...

It's saturday, april 16 2022 and here are the Stats from yesterday friday, april 15 2022:


Friday, april 15 2022: 5675a8e7f0ffca564481837eb5b47957e32e2536b51e2227f9c7d191faddc0cf.png

21,089 tips given by 4,979 users. A total of $174.68 was tipped.

128 posts were published by 107 users.

411 users joined the siste.

The most tipped post was:

"Coinbase under Scrutiny, having received $2.18 until now."


Let's compare with before yesterday, thursday, april 14 2022:

Thursday, april 14 2022:  6cf37bc167b9e33b7f442ada9b950b59ec4bf3fff3991c262a3a101b6870b4e4.png


This friday every item from these stats was lower as before yesterday thursday:

This friday 831 less tips were given by 169 less users. $5,51 less was tipped.

11 less posts were pubished by 6 less users.

117 less users joined the site .


My personal interpretation for this general decline compared with before yesterday thursday has to do with the Easter  weekend: 

On thursday evening,the prolonged weekend was starting , people were relaxed and took some time to make decisions, like for example joining PublishOx or writing an article or reading and tipping some articles.

Then friday for most of them the weekend definitively started and activity plans for the  nice days to come have started , so more people were off-line in outside activitys.

But let's also constate that, notwithstanding the less number off new PublishOx users on friday (117 less new users), this number (411 new users, while 528 on thursday) was still considerably above the number of new users from the former days, watch below to compare:

Wednesday, april 13 2022:  296

Tuesday, april 12 2022:       287

Monday, april 11 2022:       280 

Sunday, april 10 2022:        262

Saturday, april 9 2022:       316

friday, april 8 2022:            366

thursday, april 7 2022:       265

I really think that, when people are more relaxed and have more time and forget about the struggle for life during the work week, they make decisions to join the site, while they before were thinking about going to do it.

Tell me about your thoughts in the comments below.

Affirmed trends:

An average of around 4 tips per tipping user : 21,089tips / 4,979users= 4,235589475798353 can be seen over the days already mentioned in this TheDailyStatsSeries.

There is a steady grow in the number of new users.

Remarkable Constatation:.

The steady grow in the number of new users is not reflected in the number of posts or the the number of publishing users...:

The number of posts stay at a range between 95 and 131 during the last nine days, while a total of 3,011 new users joined the PublishOx platform during these 9 days...(

Friday, april 15 2022:          128 posts were published by 107 users. 

New users: 411

Thursday, april 14 2022:     117 posts were published by 101 users. 

New users: 528

Wednesday, april 13 2022: 131 posts were published by 114 users. 

New users: 296

Tuesday, april 12 2022:       131 posts were published by 114 users. 

New users: 287

Monday, april 11 2022:       116 posts were published by 100 users. 

New users: 280

Sunday, april 10 2022:         101 posts were published by 88 users.   

New users: 262

Saturday, april 9 2022:           95 posts were published by 78 users.   

New users: 316

Friday, april 8 2022:             122 posts were published by 108 users. 

New users: 366

thursday, april 7 2022:         127 posts were published by 110 users. 

New users: 265

Total number of new users from the last nine days: 



New users are maybe rather newbies with a lack of knowledge about how to start a blog and make a first post in PublishOx, they have to be instructed and encouraged and validated, because if they take the first step, next steps will follow!

That's it already for yesterday fridays stats,

Should you like to see more episodes coming in this TheDailyStatsSeries, you can give a thumbup andor a tippy tip to encourage and estimulate Excelencia to keep "statsing"

Wishing each and everyone a very happy and blessed weekend!



                         Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash


Excelencia started this TheDailyStatsSeries on  April 5 2022, while thinking it could be usefull for PublishOx users to find daily stats only one click away, with some personal added interpretation and observation.


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