The Decentralized storage series: episode 1: BTT(BitTorrent)

By excelencia | excelencia | 9 Oct 2021

Excelencia  thinking this is the greatest of the decentralized storages up to now, therefore putting BTT first in this new excelencia series:

                                   BTT(BitTorrent)_BTT price logo

  • number of twitter followers: 532K since april 2009.          
  • Market Cap(livecoinwatch): $2.786 B            
  • minable/not minable: NOT minable
  • primary purpose: to allow an alternative payment stream for content creators, cutting out middleman and bypassing censorship
  • blockchain: TRON
  • number of wallets: 200 Million
  • number of Users: 2 Billion!
  • number of MAU(monthly active users): 100 Million!          

        Snapshot taken on saturday, october 9 2021 at 12:13 UTC       



Update wednesday, november 10 2021 at 12:52 UTC :


What is BTT?_BTT price logo

Bittorent's vision is to tokenize their decentralized file-sharing protocol. This has been done through the creation of BTT and is based on the TRON blockchain. The primary purpose of BTT is to allow an alternative payment stream for content creators so that they can connect with their audience, cutting out the middleman, and bypassing censorship.

 Source: livecoinwatch                  




Excelencia remembers:

  • 200 Million Wallets
  • 2 Billion Users
  • 100 Million MAU

What is MAU?

MAU stands for monthly active user, it's the number of users that have done something meaningful in your product in the last 30 days/calendar month.



Update wednesday, november 10 2021 at 13:17 UTC:

Since publishing this article , the twitter followers base was rising  with 32700 followers , now @BitTorrent has 554,7K followers.


Source for future update: 

Thumbnail photo: Photo by fabio on Unsplash 

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