Excelencia's notso Daily Crypto Exploration Series-thursday december 30 2021

By excelencia | excelencia | 30 Dec 2021


Here we go for the second episode in this Excelencia's Daily Crypto Exploration Series

Black coffee and a pink lady apple at my side.

I got a like from a named Presearch Guy on twitter for my first article from yesterday in this series.

I clicked to see about that twitter profile to see the guy and scrolled some tweets when I was attracted to this tweet:


(Meanwhile I clicked on an hashtag that had nothing to do with this article and lost some ten minutes reading about what happened, that's a lesson for the next days to no let me distract and  respect my own made regulation about writing this daily article and not loosing my concentration and focus anymore from now on.)

I remembered that I already had met with Flux in one of my former written articles without espifically writing an article on Flux but surely had met it and made a notice about it. I'll have to look for where I mentioned about Flux in my former writings...


I remember my great interest in the decentralized cloud because my aim for the future is to build a website in that cloud...

But wat made me curious was the phrase in this tweet: "We are currently working on "watchtower" so Pre is always updated.

#Presearch #PRE #PresearchIt $PRE, yess I like Presearch very much and this is only my opinion.


                         WTW price logo 2879105702b7dfde25255f61756a0c02e42e909646055b2702dc5c7094ed85a3.png



I think this is it for today already.

For me , writing this second article in this Daily Crypto Exploration Series was a real pleasure!

I hope to attract some interested readers to help encourage myself to continue with this series.

Thanks a lot if you came until here with your reading , hope You'll come back tomorrow!

Have a nice day, 


Notice: to know which was the sixfold  aim  for starting to write this series ,you are invited to

go to the  first episode in this series I started yesterday wednesday, december 29 2021.

ps: I lost another ten minutes meanwhile having a walk outside with my sweet little and beloved  cat , she came inside the house to invite me and couldn't resist...:-)


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