AMB ≠ AMP ≠ AMPL was featured in PublishOx's "You May Also Like..." !

AMB ≠ AMP ≠ AMPL was featured in PublishOx's "You May Also Like..." !

By excelencia | excelencia | 1 Sep 2021

Wednesday 1st of Septembre 2021 8:30am UTC
I am  trying to figure out which were the reasons for the succes of the article "AMB ≠ AMP ≠ AMPL"

                          1,641 Views  $1.04 Earned  59 Likes  0 Dislikes

It is the top readed, tipped and liked one off all my 32 articles written up to now in Excelencia's blog.

                            Blog: excelencia Published: 29 Aug 2021 

                        Maybe the succes it got was due to a combination of these 6 reasons:


1. This article was featured during a  certain time in PublishOx's "You May Also Like... ",  an ad sequence in the upper horizontal space of the page when you  have just readed (and tipped eventually) an article .
After reading an article, you sometimes can see 3 ads on the upper horizontal space of the PublishOx page, with in each ad another article PublishOx is advising you,  you could be interested  in  to read also. ( see the screenshot below as an example of 3 similar ads you could have seen above the page just after reading and eventually tipping an article in PublishOx :

printscreen of those ads as an example to come soon, as I reached my maximum of tipped articles and will have to wait until tomorrow to take a screenshot of that ad space where my article was mentioned...

Update thursday 2th of septembre 2021 at 04:15am UTC: insertion of a printscreen of the  PublishOx-rubric "You May Also Like", where 3 window ads are shown after reading and tipping an article, this as an example to show where my article  "AMB ≠ AMP ≠ AMPL" was showed days before.

I took this screenshot after reading and tipping this article: 



2. I spent a lot more time writing, structuring and correcting this article compared with all my former written articles.
And as they say :"a hard work pays off good" this became a truth for me.


3. In this article,
I mentioned a scientific article:


By Jeanne Leong

Maybe through mentioning this article, It attracted a lot of readers of "Rutgers-Camden Newsnow".
4. The article was valued by the readers:
You possibly recognized the same issue of similarity in ticker names,which could possibly caused you to feel confused a little bit and even put value in the wrong asset.
Or you where surprised about those existing similaritys and started to give more attention to eventual differences in the same time...
5. You as a reader possibly were pleased to have the possibility to see  a brief description of the three tokens , with screenshots of an explorer and their twitter pages in a same place, without having the need for opening several pages.


6.You as a reader saw the Thumbnail photo and that made you translate your love for a good cup of coffee to the just readed article that mentioned your beloved coffee ,giving it a generous tip and like...who knows?
Well, dear reader, to be honest, I feel thankfull for the number of readings and tips and likes it received,whatever the reason for this to me unexpected succes of it might have been!


This said, let's enjoy another cup of coffee while reading and writing in PublishOx !


Nathan Dumlao -

Thumbnail Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash
and up to the next article!
Wednesday 1st of Septembre 2021 11:00 am UTC

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