Introduction to Excel

Introduction to Excel

By MetaCryptoHunter | Excel Guides | 23 Jun 2020

Introduction to Excel

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What is Excel? Why will I ever use it? In this introduction to Excel I will be discussing various points on the practicality on using Excel and the many ways to improve your workbooks.

Excel is a program belonging to the Microsoft Office Suite. Excel is used primarily to analyze, summarize, and present data; although used to organize data, it is NOT a DATABASE!

Excel Spreadsheat example

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*Disclaimer I do not own any material or copyright of Excel and its trademarks. Microsoft Excel is owned by Microsoft Ltd and any information within the blog and/or this post is meant for educational purposed. Any tips provided are not forms of payment for a subscription or sale of any trademarked material.

What can I use Excel for and what does it do?

Excel is a spread sheet program that helps users analyze and summarize datasets. A data set is a collection of data often visualized within a table or independently in rows and columns. Each workbook can consist of an infinite number of sheets. Each sheet has cells that are defined by their column and row positions.

Columns are always Alphabetically listed from A-Z and continued infinitely into A.x.x.x.x variations.

Rows are always listed with numbers that literally never end.

In Excel, cells are going to be in the metaphorical and literal term your canvas. You will be able to format your data, so it is easy to read. Cells can be static values or reference dynamic data. You’re also able to manipulate column width and row height.

Example of a selected cell: A1 (see photo)

Column and Row example

*While the sheets can go on infinitely, you will rarely find yourself handling extremely large datasets. (unless you work for a company or have years’ worth of data)

Excel is popular among business employees, finance experts, and data analytic experts.


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