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Top 10 Excel shortcuts I use to increase productivity!

Do you want to act “like a boss” using excel?

Or significantly improve your speed when you work in excel?

Just go through this simple shortcuts that can really make the difference in your daily job.

  1. CRTL + HOME: always bring user to cell A1
  2. CRTL + END: bring you to very end of data
  3. SHIFT+F11: auto insertion of a new sheets
  4. CTRL + N: open new workbook
  5. CRTL + A: select all (it works with ranges as well as different sheets)
  6. CRTL +SHIFT + arrows [®¯­¬ ]: depending on the arrows goes to the next blank cell according to directions used
  7. CRTL + D: copy data into the selected cells
  8. CTRL + PLUS [+]: automatically add rows or columns
  9. CRTL + MINUS [-]: delete columns or rows
  10. CTRL + PgDown/PgUp: move between sheets

Leave a comments/tips if you like it and I’ll share new cool stuff on next post…

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Excel cool stuff and top tips
Excel cool stuff and top tips

How to improve your excel skills

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