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Explore my $park

By Logicarlz | Ex-love out,0x | 28 Nov 2020

Lost in clouds of thought my mind would travel back when it felt less bordered about us about our safety and most importantly about our struggle for love I couldn't go being dumbfounded when the peace I seek was within my stretch.
felt hopeful now and here İ wasn't living hell or complemented some blessing in disguise struggled all the way here and still tried on maintaining a good composure, the wrong time came as the perfect time and gradually I craved within this thought were coming to my head everything happening fast around me and not quite long my grew skies faded.
Dwelt in a cozy apartment it felt comforting inside and furnished a little bit, it felt cold most times some more comforting than the previous in which I abide after the long stressing time spent in class receiving lectures.
some took note of certain buildings for intentions known or considered by lonely ratiocination, others found privilege staying in some sought of hostels which seem perfect thoughtful by them.
tried to find a balanced standard of living İ wasn't earning as it seem, felt strange trying to get along with new students getting to meet people with different views and lifestyles including manners, it felt like I didn't understood other when we confabulate or the reverse,
Intimacy grew gradually meeting male and some female cliques they were nice as their looks some modified and changed my idea about certain check in reality.
actually met a pretty girl who looked so adorable to my eyes she felt different from other girls she had some speciality I believed was rear around most girls presumable.
she's slim her body curves were slightly noticed her female soft part felt real amazing in 3D and compelling to admire at we swiftly became friends would go on spending time with her as we became familiar real fast we would confide within ourselves slowly relating to her points of view.


Creator% interest:Crypto currency, Trading and Swimming.

Ex-love out,0x
Ex-love out,0x

My ex would go on playing victim to every single act that transpired between us I made this as an open informant of my mind.

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