The Evil Agenda

By eVoCreation | EvoThoughts | 4 Jan 2022

Comply and obey the underlining agenda that at its call is evil.

Outside of the realms of our imagination and our reality, there is a sinister race of beings controlling our every move we are all but the yoke of an individual superior race. Mankind has had visions of them and sensed their prisons we have given name to these fleeting transcendental blips in the reality of human consciousness.





-Men in black

Now a powerful secret society’s

Our ordinary lives are full of facts and figures we see as reality......

– It’s this temperature

– it’s this time

– we live in this country

– we own this or that

– we go to work

– we go home

– we work hard

– we live our lives and then we die.

We are social creatures interested in other life’s and so we watch learn we spend thousands of hours in our life watching fictional characters. We know these are just actors, don’t we?

Psychology has proven all humans lie there are just different levels of lying so what can we trust. People listen to other people talk of his billions of dollars are spent on this because of the belief who we know is capable of lying

Hitler said “if you tell a lie enough times eventually they'll begin to believe”

If we take a look at the very first text ever written in history our ancestors were speaking of beings that came from another place another dimension.

They reveal beings descended often with craft. They then took control of humanity. Taught us how to grow crops, science languages more. They placed superhuman watchers we in return worshipped them and turned them into our gods. The story’s tell us remarkable stories of these beings they had superhuman powers they could fly, chariots that flew through the sky and they lived for very long periods of times

Why is it that we modern Scientific particle humans believe in a so-called jealous loving God? Because that is what they wanted us to believe but these ancient aliens beings of light that are our prison gods. Before these beings arrived humans lived a peaceful exist we loved and lived off the land we are Berry’s and root crops we filled the hearts we were Intuned with nature than suddenly we find broken bones burnings and other signs of warfare what changed the beings arrived and the divided mankind fought back against those who filled the invaders and those who wanted freedom

it was a beginning of a new way for humanity. A new method of improvement Religion was created for us to follow the lies and why does religion do it makes you a special super being the legendary history tell us clearly that these invaders mated with humans and became a special breed this new breed became our kings and queens and we’re them self worshipped all kings were gods on earth they were given authority to rule by the creation of religion which backed there claim the only authority these alien hybrids had was to have superior power over mankind the ability to beat. Control and manipulate our mind back into submission and thousands of years later we are still under the spell.

One unique element these beings can shapeshift is located in the historical text many texts say how abhorrent it is to look at them. Snake-like reptilian elements are the for front of discretion. The earliest forms of worship were all serpentined in every nation or country across the world. Even in the Bible, the serpent tempts Adam and Eve that speak using its voice. it is basically how the serpent took control of the human beings driving them to a so-called controlled existence using religion. Using human nature against itself and history often tells how we often rebelled against the machine. The book of Enoch was removed and made out to be nothing but a story.

Egregore is Greek means to arouse from sleep to be excited about passion it means to be awake or to watch. It is linked to the awakening it is at this very place where the vast majority of alien abductions occur it is at this part of our mind this mid point where we become aware of reality of the beings all round us controlling us this is the moment many awake and thing begin to seem very strange. 


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