The Evmos Manifesto: Building the Future of Cross-Chain Applications

The Evmos Manifesto: Building the Future of Cross-Chain Applications

By VisionsX | Learning || Visions | 16 Jul 2023

The world of blockchain and decentralized applications is ever-evolving, and within it, the Evmos network has emerged as a beacon of progress and innovation. Evmos, an EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) stack built on the Cosmos ecosystem, holds the vision of fostering a seamless cross-chain experience for developers, users, and communities alike. In this blog post, we'll explore the journey of Evmos, its mission, and the roadmap it plans to follow to realize its vision.

The Genesis of Evmos

Ethereum, with its EVM, boasts a thriving ecosystem that has attracted developers and users from across the globe. Recognizing the potential benefits of this prosperity, the collective behind Evmos embarked on a mission to build an EVM stack on Cosmos. The goal was to bridge the existing EVM community with Cosmos' interoperable cross-chain technologies.

In 2022, Ethermint, an EVM library for the Cosmos SDK, played a pivotal role in accelerating the integration of chains, applications, assets, and users into Cosmos, setting the stage for Evmos' further development.

Evmos Achievements

Since its explosive re-launch on February 1st, 2023, the Evmos network has been operating smoothly for over 280 days. During this time, it witnessed the genesis of many new chains joining the Cosmos Network, even amidst significant macro events.

The Power of Alignment: Validators, Developers, and Users

Evmos recognized the need to align three key actors in its ecosystem: validators, developers, and users. To do so, the platform incentivized developers to build on Evmos while rewarding users for engaging with applications. The legendary Rektdrop, a joint airdrop with Ethereum, and the first implementation of a Gasdrop were among the initiatives taken to appreciate and incentivize users for their contributions as trailblazers in adopting new economic experiments.

Evmos Economic Experiments

Evmos steadfast approach to building its ecosystem involved introducing economic experiments to nurture growth. For instance, the Revenue Module rewarded smart contract deployers, fostering an ecosystem of novel applications and tools.

The Evmos Mission: A Home for Millions

Evmos envisions providing millions of builders, users, and communities with a stable and bright home in the decentralized world. To achieve this, the Evmos Core Development Team is working diligently to develop and ship foundational tools for building cross-chain applications, freeing developers from the limitations of siloed blockchains.

Cross-Chain, Not Multichain

Evmos advocates a "cross-chain" approach rather than a "multichain" one. By adopting trust-minimized, cross-chain interactions, applications can avoid being siloed, allowing users to access various functionalities seamlessly without the need to switch networks. This approach is set to revolutionize the industry, providing a better user experience and expanding the possibilities for developers.

Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and Evmos

Evmos is built with cross-chain functionality in mind, utilizing Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC). IBC's trustless design ensures valid delivery without relying on intermediaries, promoting bridgeless and secure interactions between chains. This opens the door to a growing ecosystem of interconnected chains and applications.

A New Stack for the Future

The intersection of EVM with Cosmos SDK modules creates a new stack, combining the permissionless extensibility of EVM with the developer freedom of Cosmos SDK modules. Evmos aims to be the most feature-rich EVM by achieving a greater level of composability, offering wider feature access and customization to developers.

The Evmos Roadmap

To accomplish its mission, Evmos has laid out a roadmap comprising three key pillars:

1.EVM Extensions: Enabling Evmos smart contracts to cooperate with Cosmos modules through stateful precompiled contracts. Evmos' unique implementations of stateful precompiles, called EVM Extensions, will push the EVM's capabilities past its original specification without breaking equivalence with Ethereum's execution layer.

2. Evmos SDK: A toolchain to build platforms for hosting cross-chain applications, democratizing Ethermint and making it simpler for developers to build with. Developers can customize and launch new EVM blockchains, creating differentiated and specialized chains with seamless interoperability.

3. Evmos dApp Store: A marketplace for users to discover and explore unique Web3 apps built on Evmos. The dApp Store will highlight apps leveraging cross-chain functionality, promoting a truly cross-chain native experience.

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Evmos journey represents a unique and innovative approach to the decentralized world. By prioritizing cross-chain interoperability and providing a feature-rich EVM stack, Evmos aims to become the go-to platform for millions of developers, users, and communities. The future envisioned by Evmos promises a seamless, trustless, and user-friendly decentralized internet, revolutionizing the way we interact with blockchain applications.

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