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Result and effort are two different things. Let's take a look at the definitions.


  • Results are outcomes. They describe what you were there to do. Results must be S.M.A.R.T and are rated in terms of targets. If the targets are achieved, the results are gotten, and the job is well done.



  • Efforts on the other hand are actions. They are plans that must be executed to achieve the results. The right efforts would drive and impact results


Here the real question comes...which is more important, RESULT or EFFORT?

The truth is most people don't want to see your effort, your boss don't want to see your effort, he wants results. Putting in your best to do something is good, but at the end whats the result?

On the other hand, you ask yourself "how do you get result without effort

Yes, its correct that EFFORT is the precursor to RESULTS, but they are absolutely not the same. When people under-deliver, they might say "But we tried really hard," or "do you know how much we put into this". You must know this and keep it to heart. 👇

EFFORT produce RESULT, but your RESULT is not measured by the amount of EFFORT you put into the plan.

Now this is what I meant by that, Little effort can produce massive result, while lot of effort and lot of sleepless nights can yield nothing at the end (it's not a curse, it happens sometimes).

In the real world this is what happens, people will see your hard works and efforts, and say "good" But no one will celebrate it. "The Glory of your EFFORT is your RESULT".

When dealing with challenges, focus on getting tangible results. It's very easy to hide in the shades of hard work and best efforts while results are not forth coming. It's time for us all to shift our energy from planning it out, to actually getting it done. A valiant effort isn't all, delivering tangible results matters alot.

People don't have to see your EFFORT but your RESULT.

You might disagree, but it's the truth. They don't have to see you climb the lather, but when you're at the TOP, everyone will see you. You might climb slowly, you might climb fast, but get to the TOP, that's the goal.

Thanks for reading through, I hope this was helpful.

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