Success Awaits

By Eviziim | Eviziim-motivation | 18 Aug 2020

Nowadays people want everything fast. From internet speed to a response to your lastest email, people only want fast chargers now. This extends to people wanting to make money and become successful ASAP.

Now, this is the beautiful thing about SUCCESS "There's no shortcut" . If you act right you will be successful, no matter how long it takes.

There's a path to success, and on this path you can get help from people, but the main work is to be done by YOU!

Let's jump right into it

First things first, WHAT'S SUCCESS?

You'd probably have your definition to success, but here's mine.

"success means living purposefully, making your mark, following your passion and enjoying the present moment"

Here the second question comes. "IS THE PATH TO SUCCESS SMOOTH OR ROUGH?"

Actually, it's rough. An athlete who wants to become world's best, will need years of hard training, probably day and night. Now ask yourself is that smooth or rough?

When the purpose is known, rough becomes smooth.

Now the last question comes. "WHAT SHOULD I DO TO BE SUCCESSFUL?"

You know yourself more than anyone else, you know what you want more than anyone else. So you have a greater chance of making yourself successful.

I'll quickly highlight some few things that'll help.

  1. PictureYour Future

    Focus your mind on the future you want for yourself and visualize your success. Keep a positive mindset, craft your success and don't let it go. Check out my previous post on 'Thought Patterns' CLICK HERE

  2. Be Committed to Tasks

    Am not talking about 50% commitment, I mean total commitment 100%. If you you really want it, sacrifice your energy and time to get it. Read my post on 'Now or Never' CLICK HERE

  3. Find a Mentor

    No one person knows everything. Find someone who knows more you do. Submit yourself to tutoring. Learn, learn and learn.

  4. Be Productive

    Make things happen, don't just wait for things to happen.

  5. Believe

    Believe in yourself and you'll succeed. You might hit road roadblocks, but SUCCESS IS SURE.

Finally, whatsoever success means to you, right mindset and right attitude will help you get it.

Keep pushing, you can do it!


That's it guys, hope it was helpful.

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