Thought Patterns

By Eviziim | Eviziim-motivation | 17 Aug 2020

I want you all to have the picture of a still water body in mind. Picture a water body that is so calm, do you know what happens if you drop a rock in it? The rock creates ripples that expands throughout the water like a wave, and that calm water becomes disrupted.

Now that water body you pictured is your mind. The mind in it's natural state is calm and still, but when thoughts start coming in, it creates a ripple effect that occupies the mind until you gain control of your thought pattern and make it still again.


I would want you to bear in mind that your thoughts has the same quality as your mindset. Thought pattern, let's say negative thought pattern are created when you have a negative mindset for a long time, long enough to become a pattern.

Thoughts are sneaky, just a single thought can lead you so far from reality, that you'll end up day-dreaming. Most negative thought patterns are related to problems that are not visible. And for you to break them, you need to sit down and discover the root of that negative thought.


  1. Comparison Thinking: this is a toxic pattern that brings down. Here people compare themselves with others. This happens when they start asking themselves "why am I not yet married?" "Why don't I get more money?" "Why don't I have male Children?".

  2. Taking Things Personally: it's bad for you to think that everything that doesn't work out the way you want is against you. Don't assume everything bad that happens is a cut against you personally.

  3. Envy: as a result of comparison thinking - jealousy sometimes come naturally. Be happy for those around you instead of being envious. Don't waste your energy being jealous, get to work!

  4. Jumping To Conclusion: sometimes we feel so sure of what others are feeling and why they are acting the way they do. For example a co-worker comes late to work and you just conclude that he/she is lazy when what actually happened is that there was an issue at home.

  5. Stop Thinking, Start Living: you are easily weighed down when you think too much. If you find yourself in that shoe, meditation and yoga would help.

Theres a saying that goes, "life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it". Get rid of negative thought patterns and stay safe!

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