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Before we start, let's take a quick review on 'part one'. We talked about the 3 types of friendship, and I recall saying that the last set of friends, which are the "Good friends should not be taken for granted". We also looked at "THE WHOLE ESSENCE OF FRIENDSHIP" to which I gave 3 points. And lastly, we said "surround yourself with good friends, and spend time with them".

Now let's begin!

It's not enough to have good friends, ask yourself "am I a good friend?".

Am I a good friend?

If you find yourself lagging behind in this aspect, you should take these points to heart. How do you become a good friend?

  1. Listen to friends, try to understand situations from their perspective.

  2. Get the facts about their well being. Don't assume!

  3. Get physical, hug them!

  4. Ask them what they need, this helps you know when they are experiencing hard times.

  5. Keep in touch.

  6. Tell them how much they mean to you.



  • Accept them for who they are, don't judge them. You're not God!

  • Show them compassion, care and support.

  • Encourage them.

  • Do not tell them what to do, because this will rob them of their chance to develop as an individual.

  • Be honest with them, even when what is to be said is unpleasant.

  • Do not blame them or attack them.

  • Share your time doing interesting things with them.

Someone asked me previously, "what happens in a situation when you get disappointments from people you call friends, or when friends become unfriendly, or even when you offend a friend and things go wrong?

If you find yourself in the above situation or other similar situations, just remember that "your friendship is not doomed"

Sometimes it's easy to fix the problem, but at other times it's impossible, depending on what happened. If you're experiencing a break in your friendship you should take these steps below and patch things up ASAP!

  • Apologize: some people sound rude and proud when apologizing, so I'll advice you consider your tone and the words to be said.

  • Show emotion: don't just fire your apology out so you can get the whole 'am sorry' thing over with already. Show some emotion as you speak.

  • Suggest something fun: there's that awkward moment when you begin to think "what's next?". Doing a familiar activity will help get back on track, so you don't dwell on problems.

  • Give time: don't just imagine that a one-time apology would work some magic and bring everything back to normal. These things take time, just make sure same mistake aren't repeated.

Cherish friends, love them and don't forget to BE A GOOD FRIEND TO GOOD FRIENDS 😉

Thanks for reading guys. I hope this was helpful.


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