Determination Is The Key To Success

By Eviziim | Eviziim-motivation | 23 Aug 2020

Ever heard the phrase "winners never quit, and quitters never win"? This is not untrue.

Am gonna make this article as short as possible, so you can all read through. Okay!

Firstly, you must know that Determination is all about increasing your chances of being successful. Determination keeps you in control and motivated.

A determined person has a firmness of purpose and fixed intention to overcome obstacles.

One key thing that affect determination is when a person weighs the desire to achieve a goal versus the work required. This is when that person choose to quit or carry on.

Lately, it has been discovered that determination is more important than being smart. This is because the termination is active while smartness is passive. This means:

  1. Determination Is Transactive

    Opportunities come, but real work and determination makes wishes a reality.

  2. Determination Keeps You Moving Forward

    Stay focused on a goal. As long as you have a goal, you create a part to success, and you keep it moving closer to it.

  3. Determination Overcomes Failure

    In times when you run into obstacles, you either push through them or you blaze a new path. With determination, failure is not an end.

A determined person achieve and honourable goal. Be determined, you are a CHAMPION!

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