XRP Is Set To Skyrocket In the Next Bull Run – Here Is Why

XRP Is Set To Skyrocket In the Next Bull Run – Here Is Why

By Gustas_X_R_P | EverythingXRP | 8 Aug 2019


Ripple has had an excellent 2019 so far, and even the latter half of 2018 has been special. It’s got multiple members on its RippleNet (over 200!) and many banks are conducting pilot programs with the project’s tech. 


The XRP token has not been showing enough of a price for its investors, but there’s a lot to support the belief that the token will burst into new all-time highs, given the excellent traction it is making in the real world. There’s some sense that Ripple is turning around against Bitcoin, comfortably sitting at the 2500 SAT level.

Late 2019/2020 to be Key Timelines

But this is all just likely to be a precursor to what’s ahead, which is Ripple gaining even more independence as a token and coming into maturity as more banks deploy the tech. As a member of the market itself, Ripple has vowed to tackle the problem of fake volumes which many outlets have reported. 


As a countermeasure, Ripple will reduce its programmatic sales to 10 basis points (bps) and taking a more conservative approach in reporting Ripple sales. 

Ripple has been fighting with Ethereum for the spot of 2nd highest market cap. Though it looks unlikely at the moment, there could be a time in the near future where Ripple and Ethereum indisputably become mainstays of the market, just like Bitcoin.


Like the title says, everything XRP!

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