Mitosis - A solution that transforms the Flow and Growth of Liquidity in DeFi

LPs drowning in choices, protocols starving for funds?

Navigating capital allocation in blockchain has become increasingly complex with the rise of numerous networks & protocols

We need a solution that transforms the flow and growth of Liquidity

Is @MitosisOrg the answer?


Existential Problem for Protocols

LPs allocate assets for yield, seeking efficiency and returns

But Protocols end up competing in a "Liquidity War" to attract and retain TVL

This is only intensified in the multi-chain era with more network options



MITOSIS's Value Proposition - Core Value Flywheel

Check this out here for a detailed explanation

For a rather quick and easy breakdown, keep reading

Mitosis Value Proposition

• Price discovery via a public liquidity marketplace

• Access to benchmark multi-chain yield via miAssets

• Seamless value exchange layer for networks

Let's dive into each 🌊👇

The Public Liquidity Marketplace

Protocols often rely on private LPs for initial liquidity

While vital, it can limit price discovery because terms are not transparent

Creating a public marketplace where all LPs can see and compare terms addresses this problem


Transparent pricing = Better supply-demand matching

Protocols can plan costs more accurately

LPs can predict revenues more reliably

Markets can scale to new heights

A win for ALL!

L1 with Benchmark Multi-Chain Yield

Mitosis Vaults gather multi-chain yield on miAssets

Users deposit assets into these Vaults and receive corresponding assets on the Mitosis Chain

Liquidity gets allocated across networks for the best yield


Becoming a Mitosis LP means

Instantly gaining optimized exposure to multi-chain yield

As more users seek multi-network opportunities, liquidity on the Mitosis L1 Chain ⬆️

This attracts builders who expand use cases, creating a self-sustaining cycle of growth and opportunity ♻️

The Value Exchange Layer for Networks

Mitosis Vaults and Chain enable seamless value exchange across networks

Users can deposit assets on one network, convert them to Mitosis assets, and redeem them on another

This simplification boosts cross-chain Liquidity & Activity


Holistic Growth across Multi-Chain Landscape

The liquidity marketplace and value exchange amplify each other's growth


As assets move easily across different networks & users engage across several platforms, it accelerates the shift to a multi-chain environment

It further increases competition for liquidity & its management

And that drives up the need for a robust marketplace

This increased demand will bring in more liquidity into the Mitosis ecosystem

Eventually making it capable of handling varied and larger-scale use cases

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