Why Upland should choose Mesa, Arizona for their next city!

By juanesparranza | Everything Fun | 23 Jun 2021


Mesa is a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona but they may as well be seen the same as all the cities here are separately only by a street. You cross an intersection and boom; you are in a new city. This has created a massive metropolitan area with all kinds of culture and unique areas. The area is called, The Valley, or The Valley of The Sun.

So why Mesa in particular?

Mesa is a large city with so many unique portions to it. There is a small airport, a historic neighborhood, museums, spring training baseball stadiums, huge parks, and all kinds of unique architecture.

One thing I like for the Upland Community is there are many kinds of properties. Ranging from apartment buildings to Condos, and very large/luxury mansions. The population is well over 500,000 and the land mass spans quite a distance.

Some of the cool features I like is the historic neighborhood near the downtown. There are all kinds of different homes that run right into museums and a main street with a light rail public transit system. Directly below this area is one of the few Mormon Temples in the United States. It is an iconic area all unto itself.

Mesa is one of those cities where you can drive through an older community with tons of character and in the next block be in a completely different vibe. Ranging from smaller homes where communities live very close to huge homes with custom landscaping and large pools.

There is history in this area and many cultural features. There are several large concert venues, golf country clubs, art galleries, and homes built into mountains.

I really hope you choose Mesa because it is a very special place. I took a selfie at the Museum of Natural History in the Historic neighborhood I mentioned. This building is very special as the outside has a dinosaur trying to break out of the building.

Thank you for your consideration!!


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