Electroneum's Ecosystem Explained! 🔥🔥🔥

What is the Electroneum ecosystem? It is composed of present and soon to come features. When it is all put together, it creates a bridge from the banked to the unbanked world.

The Cloud Miner

Currently, anyone can download the Electroneum app and recieve up to $3.00 in Electroneum a month. If you live in South Africa, you recieve closer to $3.00. Anywhere else you recieve between 1 to 3 ETN a day.

Why does this range exist? Electroneum is currently involved in a trial phase with a mobile operator called The Unlimited. They offer phone minutes and data top-up with ETN directly from the app. Users earn 400-500 ETN monthly depending on the market and can use that to buy minutes or data.

Since these airdropped ETN are already in circulation, they do not effect the price of the coin much. The cloud miner is more of an introduction to ETN for many who have never used crypto. It is also an agent for viral growth.

Electroneum On The Ground

Another part of the ecosystem is the network of shops accepting ETN. The Electroneum team are in South Africa teaching shop owners about ETN and helping them accept it.

Many shop owners are choosing to paint their buildings Electroneum blue to advertise the form of payment. Soon enough, people will see the blue buildings all over South Africa and know immediately that ETN is accepted there.

The Final Puzzle Piece

Perhaps the most important part of the Electroneum ecosystem is Gig.Guru. Gig.Guru is a website still in development that will allow users to post and accept gig work and pay and be paid in ETN.

This site will connect the banked and unbanked and complete the ecosystem. Jobs may include photography, web design, editing, translation, transcription, etc. After completing these jobs, the unbanked can collect ETN and spend it at the local shops that now accept ETN. Shop owners can in turn spend that ETN on other goods and services.

ETN will no longer live only on exchanges. It will live in the hands of the people who need it most to purchase every day needs. As more and more of the unbanked work and collect the ETN, less will be sold on exchanges to bring the price down. ETN will naturally become scarce and harder to acquire.

The Future

By no means does this have to be the end of the Electroneum ecosystem. They very well may be working on other additions that will make it more appealing and ultimately easy to use.

Stay tuned for a future article where we entertain the thought of what the future of Electroneum may hold.

ETN will no longer live only on exchanges. It will live in the hands of the people who need it most to purchase every day needs.

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