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Just imagine a new type of social platform. Imagine a platform where you get rewarded in cryptotokens for making friend requests, for liking posts, for liking comments, for getting enough likes on your posts and getting enough likes on your content.

Imagine you are an advertiser and you could spend the very tokens you earn for being social on advertising. 

Imagine if a social network was built solely on rewards. 

This, is what I have spent years working on. I didn't clone any websites, I didn't start with an open source script and build on it. 

I built something new and I built something different. 

Its a social network that rewards you based on activity and popularity, but it is also something so much more.


The platform is designed to work with ten different tokens with use cases in sub-niche categories of marketing and advertising. So for example there is a social platform where you earn social tokens for performing social tasks as explained above.

These tokens can then either be sold on he open market, or reused within the platform to buy social advertising such as sidebar ads or profile ads.

The social network, whereas it is the cornerstone feature of the platform, is not the only feature.

Another example would be an integrated html banner exchange. Users can earn a token designed just for banner advertising by taking part in the banner exchange network and sharing banners on their websites, blogs, or anywhere else that one can enter html banner code.

They can then spend those same tokens on banner advertising to have their own banners displayed in the exchange. 


There are a variety of other tokens that can be earned and corresponding advertising that those tokens can be used to purchase including things like an article exchange where one can request others write articles about topics of their choice, a content discovery network, a social post exchange and an email exchange.

The main focus however is the social network. 

The social network contains features such as social profiles.


As you can see from the screenshot the social profiles allow you to earn various badges that are displayed on your profile page. Earning those badges allows you to earn some of the social token. 

Also as can be seen in the upper left corner there is a notification system telling you if posts get likes or comments, if you have a new social connection request or any other social notification you may receive.


You can also find friends lists, blocked lists, and a file manager to manage photos and videos you have uploaded.

Unlike many social networks, you actually own your account on our network. This means if you ever delete a photo or video, that photo is gone. If you delete your account - every detail of your account is removed and all files are removed. There is no coming back and reclaiming a deleted account.

Basically, it contains every feature one would expect to find on a social network and a whole lot more.

There are integrated wallets built right into the platform that store the various tokens.


The wallets allow for depositing funds from other external wallets (that support the tokens), they allow for sending tokens to other users, they allow users to withdraw to other wallet address, and they allow users to purchase tokens with bitcoin or waves. 

All the tokens will work with any waves based wallet and as such support ledger nano hardware wallets.

There is also an external wallet for all tokens. 


These wallets support all the functions one would expect from a wallet, can provide private keys, restore from private keys, and restore from nano ledger hardware storage.

There is still a lot of fine tuning to do to make everything run perfectly but for an MVP the project is sound and working.

This is a project I have spent years developing. In fact I am the sole developer of the entire platform.

Currently there is a web interface and there are 3 desktop apps for the project (Linux, Windows and MacOs).


In my next goals for the project I intend to start bringing on more developers. The project needs to have cell phone apps for iOS, Android and windows phones created and the project needs it own blockchain.

I want a blockchain where there is a main currency that is mined and 10 tokens created for use within the social platform but not allowing others to generate their own tokens on the blockchain.

I want the tokens generated with smart contracts that are only launched via performing tasks on the platform. 

I would like to begin working on partnerships to get other marketing and advertising services accepting our tokens. I want to merge online advertising and offline advertising sales within the platform to allow people to buy things like radio station ads and television ads directly from within the platform.


Whereas there is an affiliate program built into the platform, I also want to start building teams of ambassadors that can get paid with tokens to help us spread the word country by country.

There is still a ton of work that must be done on this project but most of the goals require a substantial amount of funding. 

So my mission right now is to spread the word of what I am working on and connect with others who like the aims and goals of this project. My goal is to find 500 people willing to buy at least $100 worth of the tokens each to raise at least $50000 to carry the project forward (currently each token costs $1).

In the future I will discuss a lot more about this project including things like "why 10 tokens instead of just 1", "why $1 starting value", "why didn't I just use existing marketing tokens like BAT", "why I think I need my own blockchain just for this project" as well as a great deal of other topics. 

Today however, after being asked multiple times, I wanted to share what my project was about with everyone.

If you are interested in checking what I have so far you can find the downloads available in the download section of the website or you can signup at the main project page.

If you feel inclined to support the project you can do so from the wallet page in your account, or the preferred method is from the token purchase page on the login screen when you load the desktop app or alternatively you can access it directly from the tokens purchase link.

Keep in mind the preferred method only works when logged out but still requires an account. It is the preferred method because their is no third party middle man adding fees as exists within the wallet pages of the social accounts.

If you would like to discuss more about this project and platform with me you can join my telegram channel for the project.

I don't mind simple to answer questions in the comments section but keep in mind I only shares limited details of the project so far so I don't want to have to answer comments that require a full post. If the questions are in depth that's why I have telegram.


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