Free $20 worth of XLM

Free $20 worth of XLM

I mentioned keybase in my article Keybase - the proof of identity project. Well now you can claim around $20 free just by trying out their service. The $20 is based on the current price of XLM which is subject to change at any time. You actually get around 355 free XLM. 

The process is simple enough. You create your keybase account. You click visit the "wallet" options from the app.


After you have setup a wallet for XLM you have to add 3 devices to your account. This is easy enough even if you only have one device. Visit the devices tab.


Then click on the add new devices or paper key button


The select the paper key option


Write down your paper key, this can be used to restore your account if your device dies.

Repeat this process until you have 3 devices attached.

You may or may not have to click a button that asks you to enter the airdrop for XLM. I can' screenshot the option as it no longer appears on my screen but if it exists its on the top of every page in bright orange and cannot be missed.

If all is done properly, revisit your wallet and you should see an airdrop tab in the left side of the wallet page.


In the right hand side you will see the following message.


You will now be part of a monthly airdrop so you will receive free XLM every month. 

I received my first airdrop yesterday and immediately cashed it out for bitcoin using changelly service which does not require an account nor any kyc verification for small values.


Despite the XLM claims of transactions only taking 5 seconds, it took roughly 30 minutes for changelly to verify 10 confirmaions bu all went through smoothly.


Even if you don't believe in the XLM project (I don't) it would be foolish to not collect $20 free.

So give it a go. 

Get your free keybase account here.


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