Proton Chain by Metal Pay and Lynx

Proton Chain by Metal Pay and Lynx

By CPix | Everything Crypto | 1 Apr 2020

Recently Metal Pay and Lynx have released details pertaining to their much anticipated new blockchain which will connect retail user's bank accounts with blockchain infrastructure. This will enable seamless payments of fiat currency and cryptocurrency along with a whole ecosystem of apps. On Mach 30, 2020, Proton (XPR) was airdropped to all holders of $MTL and the Lynx token. Binance supported the airdrop along with a host of other exchanges including Metal Pay's native payment app Metal Pay. For every $MTL someone holds that person would get a 1:1 airdrop of XPR. XPR is yet to be traded on any exchanges but I'm guessing that will follow in the next week or two with the release of Metal Pay's upcoming MetalX exchange. Proton Chain will be a fork of EOSIO which will enable high speed transactions and low cost throughput of on-chain activity.

Marshall Hayner and Fred Kreuger have both of their teams hard at work to follow through on much needed infrastructure for the space. Boasting 100k+ users, Metal Pay has an opportunity to compete with the likes of Venmo and CashApp with the right features and good fortune. Not only are both teams pushing out constant updates to existing products but they have also attacked other facets within crypto including a VC arm and a Cryptocurrency Bill clearly defining subsets of tokens.

I have been following Metal Pay for about 2 years now and can't believe how far they've come in so little time. Here's to the next year!


Proton Chain:

MetalX Exchange:

Metal Pay:

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