Farmin' $YAM & $CRV

By CPix | Everything Crypto | 18 Aug 2020

Yamplify, yammin’, yamma mamma roo! Was this week nuts or what? A DeFi protocol named with a native token $YAM, was built in 10 days, had no formal audits, and within 24 hours had over $500 million locked in the smart contracts. As of August 17, there is still $400 million locked (on purpose) in the contracts. Within the first 48 hours a bug was found in the rebase contract which created an outrageous amount of YAM, effectively leading to a call for a V2 deployment.

Medium article: $YAM

Etherscan: $YAM

Post Mortem: $YAM

Curve DAO Token launched this week in a rather unprecedented manner. An anonymous twitter account announced he/she/them deployed the necessary contracts found on the Curve Github repo. At first people were skeptical but after some review and exchange listings, CRV was live and accepted by the community. offers liquidity providers very enticing rates to lock up their capital in Curve’s smart contracts. With over $1 billion now locked, it’s shaping up to be one of the few well trusted smart contract platforms. However, that isn’t to say a bug won’t be found in the code.

Website: $CRV

Etherscan: $CRV

Launch: $CRV

Market Update (Monday 8:30 AM EST)

Percent Change (Rounded) Based on Last Monday Open (8:30 AM EST)

Bitcoin- $12,121 (+2%)

Ether- $428 (+8%)

Gold- $1,983 (-2%)

DJI Average- 27,970 (+2%)

NYSE Composite Index- 12,942 (+2%)

NASDAQ Composite Index- 11,083 (+1%)

S&P500 Index- 3,380 (+1%)

New Developments

  1. Uniswap Series A

  2. MicroStrategy invests $250 million of balance sheet into Bitcoin, CoinDesk

  3. Alchemy opens up a wide range of developer tools for Ethereum, Bloomberg

  4. JPMorgan set to lead investment in ConsenSys via convertible note, The Block

Industry Insights

For Developers

  1. Resource on a collection of a smart contracts on Ethereum

  2. Resource for looking at all state changes from transaction on Ethereum

Blockchain Activity

Checking total supply of Ethereum stablecoins:
*You will need your own Etherscan API Key.

# import

import requests
import os 
import json

# set variables

DAI = "0x6b175474e89094c44da98b954eedeac495271d0f"
USDT = "0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7"
USDC = "0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48"
TUSD = "0x0000000000085d4780B73119b644AE5ecd22b376"
PAX = "0x8e870d67f660d95d5be530380d0ec0bd388289e1"
GUSD = "0x056fd409e1d7a124bd7017459dfea2f387b6d5cd"
BUSD = "0x4fabb145d64652a948d72533023f6e7a623c7c53"
HUSD = "0xdf574c24545e5ffecb9a659c229253d4111d87e1"
mUSD = "0xe2f2a5c287993345a840db3b0845fbc70f5935a5"
sUSD = "0x57ab1ec28d129707052df4df418d58a2d46d5f51"

api_key = os.getenv("ETHERSCAN_API_KEY")

# request URL

request_url_DAI = f"{DAI}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_USDC = f"{USDC}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_USDT = f"{USDT}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_TUSD = f"{TUSD}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_PAX = f"{PAX}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_GUSD = f"{GUSD}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_BUSD = f"{BUSD}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_HUSD = f"{HUSD}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_mUSD = f"{mUSD}&apikey={api_key}"
request_url_sUSD = f"{sUSD}&apikey={api_key}"

# response data

response_data_DAI = requests.get(request_url_DAI)
response_data_USDC = requests.get(request_url_USDC)
response_data_USDT = requests.get(request_url_USDT)
response_data_TUSD = requests.get(request_url_TUSD)
response_data_PAX = requests.get(request_url_PAX)
response_data_GUSD = requests.get(request_url_GUSD)
response_data_BUSD = requests.get(request_url_BUSD)
response_data_HUSD = requests.get(request_url_HUSD)
response_data_mUSD = requests.get(request_url_mUSD)
response_data_sUSD = requests.get(request_url_sUSD)

# json results

DAI_result = response_data_DAI.content
DAI_results = json.loads(DAI_result)

USDC_result = response_data_USDC.content
USDC_results = json.loads(USDC_result)

USDT_result = response_data_USDT.content
USDT_results = json.loads(USDT_result)

TUSD_result = response_data_TUSD.content
TUSD_results = json.loads(TUSD_result)

PAX_result = response_data_PAX.content
PAX_results = json.loads(PAX_result)

GUSD_result = response_data_GUSD.content
GUSD_results = json.loads(GUSD_result)

BUSD_result = response_data_BUSD.content
BUSD_results = json.loads(BUSD_result)

HUSD_result = response_data_HUSD.content
HUSD_results = json.loads(HUSD_result)

mUSD_result = response_data_mUSD.content
mUSD_results = json.loads(mUSD_result)

sUSD_result = response_data_sUSD.content
sUSD_results = json.loads(sUSD_result)

# Get individual and total supply

DAI_Supply = (int(DAI_totalSupply)/1000000000000000000)
print(f'DAI Supply: {DAI_Supply}')

USDC_Supply = (int(USDC_totalSupply)/1000000)
print(f'USDC Supply: {USDC_Supply}')

USDT_Supply = (int(USDT_totalSupply)/1000000)
print(f'USDT Supply: {USDT_Supply}')

TUSD_Supply = (int(TUSD_totalSupply)/1000000000000000000)
print(f'TUSD Supply: {TUSD_Supply}')

PAX_Supply = (int(PAX_totalSupply)/1000000000000000000)
print(f'PAX Supply: {PAX_Supply}')

GUSD_Supply = (int(GUSD_totalSupply)/100)
print(f'GUSD Supply: {GUSD_Supply}')

BUSD_Supply = (int(BUSD_totalSupply)/1000000000000000000)
print(f'BUSD Supply: {BUSD_Supply}')

HUSD_Supply = (int(HUSD_totalSupply)/100000000)
print(f'HUSD Supply: {HUSD_Supply}')

mUSD_Supply = (int(mUSD_totalSupply)/1000000000000000000)
print(f'mUSD Supply: {mUSD_Supply}')

sUSD_Supply = (int(sUSD_totalSupply)/1000000000000000000)
print(f'sUSD Supply: {sUSD_Supply}')

Total_Ethereum_Stablecoin_Cap = (+DAI_Supply+USDC_Supply+USDT_Supply+TUSD_Supply+PAX_Supply+GUSD_Supply+BUSD_Supply+HUSD_Supply+mUSD_Supply+sUSD_Supply)
print(f'Total Ethereum Stablecoin Market Cap: {Total_Ethereum_Stablecoin_Cap}')

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