Across Protocol - V2 and Incoming Airdrop

Across is a cross-chain bridge built by engineers from UMA (Universal Market Access). It is a bridging solution that facilitates the near-instant transfer from Layer 2 rollups to Ethereum. Across takes roughly 1 to 2 minutes to transfer assets from L2 to L1 and after the V2 launch it supports L2 to L2 transfers as well.

Across’s ability to perform near-instantaneous transfers is derived from it operating optimistically. In this approach, the relayer accepts the relay and provides a loan to the user. The relayer is fronting the money to the user because it trusts UMA’s Optimistic Oracle. The OO acts as a dispute resolution layer.

Across differs in this sense because many other chains require multiple sign-offs, blocking the relayer from performing the relay. If you want to know more about UMA’s oracle as well as how across utilizes it, I’ve covered both these topics through my articles.

Check out this video for more information.

Feel free to check these out. UMA — Universal Market Access (Portal to financial freedom)

Across Protocol — Understanding the Working

With the airdrop scheduled soon, this might be a good opportunity to provide liquidity. You can earn ACX tokens on a pro-rata basis. i.e. the more liquidity you provide and the longer you provide it for. As per the proposal, 50% of the airdrop amount (which amounts to 50 million) will be airdropped to users who provide Liquidity for ETH, USDC, DAI, and WBTC pools.

Across is also running a referral program. You can click on my referral link and complete a bridge transfer to support me

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