Earthing for good health and mood

By fantagira | Everything and anything | 23 Mar 2022

Wednesday, 23rd of March 2022 (No 2)

Two days ago was the first day of spring here. The spring however decided to come at least a day earlier. On Sunday I was sitting on my front porch with a coffee and as usual wrapped up in my robe, but the sun kept shining more and more. I took off my robe, then my shirt and was left with just t-shirt.

Soon I went as far as taking off my socks too and placed them on the stair to check the temperature. Surprisingly the stone was already warm enough for this. Once I finished my coffee and the sun was going to the other side of my house, I decided to move as well. Not indoors as I usually did, but the the back garden to sit on a little bench I have and place my bare feet on the grass.


Have you ever tried Earthing or other known as Grounding my friends? Our ancestors walked barefoot all the time and also slept on the ground or on a thin layer of animal hide.

In modern days we, humans moved away from nature. We separated ourselves from the goodness of mother Earth with shoes to protect ourselves from possible damage, while in fact it separated us from the free healing that Earth provides.

Daffodil from my garden

Although little research has been done on grounding, those studies that have been done indicate improvement is possible for conditions like:

  • sleep issues,

  • chronic pain,

  • inflammation,

  • chronic fatigue,

  • mood (depression, anxiety),

  • cardiovascular disease.


2 hours of grounding a day gives our bodies a full recharge, but even with 30 minutes a day we realign our electrical energy by simply connecting our feet to the ground. Isn’t it amazing?

Have you ever wondered why you feel so amazing after a day spent on the beach? Or even after a holiday by the pool? Well, here is your answer. Walking barefoot on the sand or even a concrete by the pool, as well as contact with water is the key.

Without getting much into the actual studies, I can tell you that since I started practicing this simple technique as often as I can, my chronic period cramps that stopped me from doing anything without a huge amount of painkillers are now a history.

My overall health, mood and sleep patterns have also improved greatly. The times when my sleep is erratic are often in cold months, when I don’t spend much time outdoors, connecting with nature. I even got myself an earthing sheet, but I often forget to use it. Being outdoors is just so much better.

Flowers in my garden

Plus look at all those beauties I am surrounded by when sitting outside. What’s not to love? Also just sitting outside and looking around my garden makes me wanna do things. In cold months I just look outside my window and think to myself ‘this has to be done, that has to be done’ and then I go back in front of my computer to do some daily tasks.

Now that the sun is out and the Earth is getting warmer, I can do 2 in 1 - a little earthing while drinking my coffee and writing another article? Who can say no to this?

So next time you’re out in the garden, planting repotting or trimming your plants why not take those shoes off? There is no harm in trying - it is free and with no side effects! Make sure the ground is warm enough under your feet though - you don’t wanna catch a cold or something 😉


Until next time 💙

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