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By lasthero | Everyday Father | 22 Feb 2021

Hey Readers,

Wanted to just get a feel for my first post here on this platform and wanted to also check out what's available for me to use as well.  To get this started lets make this first post about me.  I'm a father, crypto hobbyist, gamer and office drone.  Maybe with the exception of the young people of the interwebs I feel like all of the above would resonate with many readers.

Since this is a crypto blogging platform lets talk about why I got into crypto in the first place.  Well for many reasons but unlike many crypto enthusiasts I didn't get into crypto to start some type of decentralized revolution, if that comes that's great and would just be icing on the cake for me.  I mainly got into crypto for the potential to make some money.  While I'm sure many won't admit this but I'm sure its on the back of many peoples head's, why else is there a constant comparison between BTC and USD if not for that.  Otherwise it would be a direction comparison between BTC and whatever goods people want to buy.  Hoping to some day leave something for my kid besides the standard FIAT.  Second reason I got into crypto is the tech, the tech is absolutely fascinating to me and with a computer science background I can appreciate the thoughts and theory behind some of the coins out there.  There are just so many possibilities out there from better Enterprise solutions, dApps (I know this is very all encompassing) and even gaming.

On the topic of gaming, something I started dabbling is NBATOPSHOT, for all those who have played cryptokitties before this is made by the same group of people except if you're like myself and a NBA fan, they partnered with the NBA to create a digital collectible "moments" game.  Really neat and I highly suggest for people here to check it out if you get the chance.

Would love to hear why other people got into crypto themselves.

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