What Is Everipedia?
What Is Everipedia?

By Everipedia | Everipedia | 10 Jan 2020

What is Everipedia and How is it Different?

Everipedia is a universal knowledge base where people can read, engage, and contribute to the articles that interest them most.

An Everipedia article can be about anything that you find interesting, so that you can dive into anything you’re curious about. You can do more than just learn about interesting things on Everipedia — you can also connect with other people who care about the same things that you do, and share your own perspective on what matters to you.


We encourage people to create and contribute to articles about everything (hence the name “every-pedia”). If you think a topic is interesting, we think it deserves an article. We encourage niche topics, current events, pop-culture references, memes, GIFs, high quality images, and videos!

To set a foundation, Everipedia imported all of the English Wikipedia pages onto its platform. Each imported article includes a link to its original source, abiding by Creative Commons’ copyright guidelines.


We believe in a world in which knowledge can be shared by anyone, for the benefit of everyone. Anyone with an Everipedia login can create or contribute to articles! And, anyone who accesses Everipedia using Scatter can vote to approve or reject proposed edits.

We encourage everyone to create or contribute to articles on Everipedia. To start contributing to Everipedia, simply create an account using Scatter or social login.


We believe in a world where all knowledge is available to all people. We leverage blockchain technology so that the Everipedia Network can be accessed everywhere, without the risk of censorship.

What is IQ?

IQ tokens are used to incentivize contributors to create and maintain content within the Everipedia Network. Contributors can edit/add content to Everipedia articles, create new articles, and vote on proposed edits. IQ token holders also play a role in the governance of the Everipedia Network by voting on any underlying protocol upgrades.

Contributors are rewarded with IQ tokens for participating in the Everipedia Network, through creating content and voting on proposed content.

How Do I Earn IQ?

You can earn IQ tokens in two main ways:

  1. Editing/Creating pages that the community approves
  2. Voting with the majority for (or against) a proposed edit

How IQ Rewards Are Distributed

A total of 500 IQ tokens are distributed as rewards every 30 minutes. The IQ rewards are split between editors who propose edits that are accepted and voters who vote with the majority.  An individual IQ reward is determined in proportion to the total value of a user’s contributions. This includes:

  • IQ staked for edits accepted on the network
  • IQ staked for votes in the majority

For each edit proposal and article created, there is a set proportion of rewards given to the editor and the majority voters. For any particular edit, the account responsible for the edit proposal earns 80% of the rewards and the voters who side in the majority form in a mini-pool and earn 20% of the rewards (with individual rewards determined in proportion to the amount of IQ used to vote). For example, if two voters vote on an article and one of them stakes 50 IQ to accept an article and the other stakes 25 IQ, the first voter earns twice the amount of voter rewards since they staked twice the amount of IQ to vote.

If you vote in the minority, your IQ Tokens are not lost. Instead, those tokens are locked up for an extended period of time. Click here to learn more about slashing.


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