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Levelnaut is a project aimed at educating many people about the  blockchain and how to invest in digital assets.  Given blockchain technology’s safety and integrity, it is finding its way into almost every industry. More like a Cost benefit analysis (CBA), Levelnaut has helped investors and potential business startups regarding investments in the crypto space.


 By making use of the Blockchain technology, Levelnaut has been useful in the development of better online learning platforms and making use of the education platform. Levelnaut enhances access and sharing of study materials for the benefit of newbies and for updates.

Making decisions in the crypto market and investments pertaining to the cost and benefits associated with investing in crypto are not as easy as has been mentioned. Previously there have been various developments in the world of cryptos, including captivating and attracting investment opportunities. Nonetheless, many investors don’t really know how to capitalise on these opportunities that exist in the market.  

It is important to note that before building a new project, there's a need to create a plan and detailed scope of work. This also requires extensive analysis of potential costs the company may incur  and revenues that it might generate from the project. The outcome of this  analysis  determines whether the project is profitable or if the company should pursue another project.

 Instead of carrying out your own cost benefit analysis, levelnaut helps you to analyze  potential costs and revenue streams associated with investing in different crypto projects. Usually, by following the guidance given by Levelnaut, you can easily venture into profitable projects.  

The   3 units of the levelnaut portfolio 

- [ ] Elven land :  This is the advertising platform used by the levelnaut economy. Advertising space can be bought for as low as a dollar. The idea is to create a space where online marketers can showcase their product in an online space.


- [ ] Pozit urbo: This is a social network created with the same intent of creating partnership. It is created to help people link up with one another, thus it brings people interested in crypto currencies, blockchain and any other form of investment together.


- [ ] Success levelnaut: This  is a platform where people learn about investments and earning opportunities online. Interested crypto investors get to learn about new coins and trends and educate people about legit and viable coins to invest in.

More information

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In summary Levelnaut's native token is based on people-oriented, goal-driven ideals that have sustained the company and provided the essential utility for its native currency investment.

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Samuel Chukwunedum
Samuel Chukwunedum

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