By Samuel Chukwunedum | Evans | 20 Sep 2021

The growth of a blockchain-built alternative financing ecosystem is the largest crypto story ever heard of.

The centralized system has defined the financial eco-system as an authoritative pattern beyond corrections.


Solutions offered by great minds has gone forth more than expectations, but results of this new trend (DeFi) is positive but dependent on advancements - DeFi 2.0.

Since the beginning of the industrial era, the structure of global finance remains largely consistent with strong reliance on financial agents. 

Notwithstanding significant advances in Software Technology, large parts still remain archaic and burdensome in existing financial infrastructures. Although many fintech products have emerged to fill the gap in the last ten years, all of them must be integrated into the existing financial system. For instance, most of the world's most popular e-wallet providers must be linked to an existing bank account to withdraw and add-on. It's generally CeFi in disguise.


Financial industry regulations have kicked investors against the failures and unusual backwardness in the system. And Keplerswap, contrary to every previous Defi project, will bring an innovative, interesting and attractive approach to their projects.

KeplerSwap is based on it's creativity and has led to the height and depth of the crypto-monetary world. One aspect of KeplerSwap's mystery is so awesome that all swaps are blinded before it.


The problem is well stated and solution is clearly supplied by Keplerswap.

Today's DeFi-Landscape has great loans, debt, flexible and lifetime protocols and ETF protocols and KeplerSwap only sees a new wave of combining these existing protocols to create more new tools.

Countless projects are being started in the space and some future concepts that will shine in the coming years are important to note.

DeFi 2.0 pioneer- KeplerSwap does not only create a simple swap platform, but a brand new world of DeFi which is currently been set up. This gives the ordinary people an opportunity to take possession of possibilities.

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Samuel Chukwunedum
Samuel Chukwunedum

Evans is an industrial physics graduate with loads of talents and skills. He is a copywriter, social media expert and a crypto enthusiast.


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