Risk Arbitrage

Opportunity for Artbitrage - DAI based on Ethereum - Repeg - Banks to the rescue?

Here are some reasons why we believe in buying DAI or USDC

🚨Move Fast 🚨

Here is a chart visual of a 45 minute chart of DAI stablecoin  as it can move back up to 1.00



  • Below its natural pricing
  • The imbalance is only temporary 
  • By Monday or sooner it has time to restore
  • This is almost a risk free return
  • Upside potential of 8 to 9%

🚨 If you are reading this chances are it could be late, I always like to give readers plenty of reaction time 🚨

The blue area indicates an estimated return of 8.15%

notice the blue shaded area



The focus is to acquire USDC or DAI before banks make a move


There should be stop limits placed on any potential losses, but once positive news sweeps in, chances are it may be restored to parity.


The restoration back to parity 1.00 or 0.9999 would make us happy knowing we made the 8 to 9% in a matter of a day or so!


Enjoy! We would like to include photos of the changes in the chart pattern


here is the latest 3-11-2023 at7:46PM


8.52%+ growth rate

Here is the final result



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I am a chart analyst who likes to trade a hybrid day-trade to swing trade timeframe


Journal of trade setups. It filters the daily, 4 hour and 1 hour time frame. How we use multiple time frames to filter out the high quality set ups from low ones. The journal uses more than 3 time frames. This is a journal of swing trading with a valid set up and proof of concept. The journal focuses on whether a higher time frame aligns with the lower time frame to profit from a long position or a short sale. The journal also notes the position of a swing high and swing low on the price curve.

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