Ethereum 2.0 Updates 1,000 Lines Of Code


Ethereum is expected and on track so far to get another update at the end of June. Specifically June 30th 2019.

This update is one of the biggest moves from POW to POS and will be called Phase Zero. This update will also include a massive rework of Ethereums blockchain called Ethereum 2.0 this will change how Ethereum generates and validates new blocks.

Ethereum 2.0 Will have 2 major flagship components.

  1. Casper - Proof-of-Stake algorithm which will replace mining

  2. Sharding - Massive Scalability improvement - This will be done by not requiring every computer on the network to validate the transaction

Sharding will be activated in the final two phases of Ethereums 2.0 deployment.

Phase Zero which will be going live first will be the POS system which is also called the new beacon chain. This will allow validators instead of miners to earn rewards.

As a validator you also have vote weight to vote on various block proposals.

So over the rest of this year we are looking at a total of 3 major updates after this first on June 30th 2019.

Phase Zero, Phase One and Phase Two

The final outcome a POS, Sharding blockchain that is capable of much more then it currently can handle all with just 1,000 lines of code.

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