Ethereum 2.0 Gets A Launch Date

We thought maybe we would get it this year however sadly that will not be the case. Ethereum 2.0 was originally thought to be released towards the end of this year. However as you can see we are already half way through the year (where the heck that time went I have no idea lol)

Ethereum 2.0 Is now planned for launch on the 3rd of 2020

That date seems a bit off to me as I am sure you don't want to launch a major update that soon after some wild new years parties. I would highly expect that to be pushed to mid January of 2020.

Phase zero that long awaited update which will change Ethereum from POW (Proof of work) to POS (Proof of stake) will be released in 2020 so you better stock up on that Ethereum now if you want to stake it a year from now.

I would also highly expect that Coinbase will be supporting this. They have started to toy around with POS coins such as Tezos but its not implemented into the core of Coinbase yet that most of us know. Since Ethereum is one of the biggest traded currencies on Coinbase I would suspect some other smaller POS coins to be launched now into 2020 with Ethereum being the biggest.

It SHOULD mean you can leave your Ethereum on Coinbase and it will stake and earn you Ethereum for doing so. HOWEVER this does present a centralized issue where Coinbase has control of a large portion of the network. However there have been talks about how to combat this and I would be surprised if something has not already been implemented.

At the time of writing this there are currently 106,500,000 Ethereum (give a few thousand) and hopes are to have 2 million of this or roughly 1.5% to be staked in the opening ceremony that will be held at Devcon in Japan.

This could be one HELL of a massive spike come 2020 and you should expect prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum to skyrocket because of it.

Switching to a POS system will allow Ethereum to handle many more transactions and we should see a massive growth explosion in DAPPs and other systems that use Ethereum at the moment and are planning to later on. In fact I am currently vested in one such company.

This coupled with the reduction in Ethereum to be produced and then the Bitcoin halving should make for a VERY interesting and profitable 2020!

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