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Greatest Airdrop in crypto...Simplified for the new people

Richard Heart is the founder of HEX, which has done 600x in the last one year

But HEX being an erc 20 token, I.e. an Ethereum network token, small guys are suffering due to high gas fees which at times are larger than the size of staked HEX or simply put size of transactions!

So Richard has, on behalf of the HEX community, taken it upon himself to duplicate/fork the Ethereum network and change the consensus from proof of work, which is costly, to proof of stake which is cheaper to transact.

This new network is 'Pulsechain'

So in essence, the transactions will be 10x faster as well as many x'es cheaper! Maybe pennies/cents instead of tens of dollars on Pulsechain.

Almost all the erc20 tokens on the Ethereum network will be copied as is to pulsechain network... which means if you have 1000 xyz tokens(eth based) on eth. then you will automatically have 1000 xyz (pulse based) tokens on pulsechain but their values will be 0 to begin with.

If the developers or promoters of the respective projects want to give advantage of almost free transactions and want to come over to Pulsechain then they may do so and those tokens will have value.

All the liquid and staked Hex will be duplicated as is on pulsechain and both ethHEX and PulseHEX will have different values as per market demand and supply.

How to get the pulse airdrop?

Pulse is simply ether diluted 10000x (total supply) and will be used for all the transactions on pulsechain just like eth is used on Ethereum network.

All the eth holders will be airdropped 1:1 pulse in their wallets which needs to be transferred to a different wallet or used within 30 days ...otherwise it will become useless.

The other way to get pulse is to sacrifice one or many of the coins mentioned in the pinned message. HEX, LINK, ETH being some in the list amongst many others.

In exchange for the sacrificial coins you will get Points which are a placeholder, the details about which are yet to be disclosed.

Against each 10000 points, you will get 10000 pulse. Each pulse will be valued at 0.

This is so that you may not have an issues by sacrificing your coins and getting pulse as well as SEC won't consider pulse as a security .

The day of sacrifice was roughly planned for sometime in week 19 of 2021. But due to the market taking a dive, it is unexpectedly delayed, when it is ready to be announced, it will be posted on the Telegram channel and the home website, both links at bottom of this read. There will be a bonding curve which will determine how many pulses you receive per USD as days pass.

Here is a walk through for absolute beginners on how to get in,

What you need to do,

Part one,

1. Install MetaMask on Chrome browser
2. It will guide you through the set up process which gives you a unique seed phrase of a combination of words (Save these on paper somewhere together with your password)
3. Once you are set up, there is at the top of the screen ‘Account 1’, this is your block chain account ID (save it with the other information)
4. On the top right, there are three Dots in vertical line, click them, click ‘account details’, you will then see an option to, ‘Export private key’ (KEEP THIS SAFE) it’s the only possible way of accessing your Crypto in the future if there is a crash etc.
5. Once this is all done, you will now see three buttons underneath the ETH logo, ‘Buy’ ‘Send’ ‘Swap’, click on the buy button.
6. This will open a window with an option to purchase Ethereum via a service called ‘Wyre’
7. When you go to Wyre, it will ask for,
a. Amount in currency you want to buy
b. Your card details
c. Phone number
d. Email
8. Once successfully entered correctly, it will process your transaction with your bank and you will then receive your Ethereum deposited in your account after a few minutes.
9. You now have some Crypto to work with.
10. At this point you can hold the Ethereum as is.
Part two,

1. On pulsechain.com there is a link to a site where address will be revealed for you to send your Ethereum to.
2. You will receive in return a token of no value that for now is called Token ‘X’
3. Once this phase of swapping is over (19 days.), the launch phase of new currency will commence.
4. Whatever quantity of ‘X’ token you are holding relative to the Ethereum you swapped it for will entitle you to a given amount of ‘PulseCoin’
5. This new currency will be the Equivalent of Ethereum on the new forked chain.
6. The earlier you get in and swap your ‘X’ for Pulse you will get it at next to zero value and be able to gather up quite lot of coins.


If you are a small investor, have little money and want to try and move yourself out of your Financial situation without being hit with huge, this might be a strategy for you,

For example: Strategy for a $50.00 participation, get one of the ‘worthy’ sacrifice coins (LTC or XRP etc) with low fees in a wallet that can be signed, and then you can sacrifice without $50.00 gas fee to put $50.00 into Pulse, this way small Investors can get in without the high ETH fees

See a process flow Diagram that can further explain the mechanics of getting into the system with HEX coin as an example being used,


Then its all in your hands, your Pulse coins will be In your MetaMask wallet and time will tell what value they go up to, you decide what your next part of this journey is.





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Ethereum fork - Pulsechain
Ethereum fork - Pulsechain

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