Ethereum, a baby dragon

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One again i dived in Krita. I thought it would be fun to make a cute animal, I have chosen a dragon :)It's a fantasy creature but we all can imagine it flies through the sky just like in GOT. This baby dragon doesn't have wings yet but it's sure is cute <3 I'm so happy with krita and what i learn in it. trying different brushes, colors and techniques.


Before i got to this result, i had some layering going on, first you need a reference what helped me with the lines, after that i made some adjustments to my personal liking. When that was done, color came across and here i had a special technique where the oppacity of color was not a 100% later on i colored in the layer were the lining was going on with a slightly different color and blurred them together. I like the marbley effect of it.


Here you can see 2 layers i used. I got serious deep in those eyes, aren't they cute? How shall i call this little one? I called him after Ethereum.

Let me know below if you have ideas!


I actually made this for putting it on so that means that you can buy it and i got a little sassy over there😊 but hey it is still a experiment so who knows what happens, right?

I also think it is cute for the bottom of my posts, i want to do more drawings because it's super fun but it's cool to put them up for sale and to use them to close out my posts.


Thank you for your support and follow🌈See you soon😘

#nft #creative #digitalart #ethereum

Much love from Creafeather





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