Ethereum 2.0 – Prysm Node for Ubuntu 20.04

Ethereum 2.0 – Prysm Node for Ubuntu 20.04

By E-Master | Ethereum 2 | 14 Sep 2020

Eth2 Launch Pad for Medalla testnetThis article was written to record the individual steps for setting up a ETH 2-Node. It contains ONLY the steps for setting the Node up and start a simple Validator and a beacon chain. 


Step I - Download & install ETH2-deposit-cli

  • RUN tar -xvzf eth2deposit-cli-v0.2.1-linux-amd64.tar.gz
  • RUN ./deposit --num_validators 1 --chain medalla
  • Save the key files (deposit-data-[timestamp].json) from /eth2.0-deposit-cli/validator_key

This piece of software is for generating your keys. This software is a pre-release version which has not yet been audited and therefore should not yet be trusted to generate keys with the intent of securing actual ETH.


  Step II - Create Metamask/Portis/Formatic account

  • I prefer Metamask buts it´s your free choice

This is for receiving your coins to a wallet. You can also use this wallet to store other coins there. Make sure you selected the Goerli Test Network. 


Step III - Installing the beacon chain and validator (~8h-16h waiting...)

  • mkdir prysm && cd prysm
  • curl --output && chmod +x
  • ./ beacon-chain 

  Now the chain begin to sync the data from the blockchain.   


Step V - Creating your wallet & Submitting your 32 ETH deposit (~24h-28h waiting...)

  • ./ validator wallet-v2 create
  • ./ validator accounts-v2 import --keys-dir=/path/to/keys 


Step VI - Start your beacon node and validator

  • beacon-chain --p2p-max-peers=5 
  • validator --graffiti "your_graffiti"


I recommend to run the beacon chain with --p2p-max-peers=5 if you have a standard router at home because more p2p connections can cause a overload. Now you have your own test node for the ETH 2 test network Medalla. I hope my post helps you to set your own node up :) 




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