Ether the gas

I'm taking a poll for what the ethereum "computational unit" should be called - vs "gas"!

In this era of "green" and sustainability and renewables, I've wondered why there hasn't been more "push back" against ethereum's name of it's "computational unit" called "gas".  Anyone that has "Tesla" on the mind, rejects "gas".

Even the moderate folks like myself, don't like the idea of a relatively "new" idea or service - especially an exciting idea like bitcoin, ethereum or crypto - being given the name of "gas".

So - I'm asking for feedback.  What do you think?

I'd like to lobby the ethereum foundation and propose a renaming of this highly recognized term in it's design. An EIP (Ethereum Improvement Proposal) to rename "gas" to "?".

One suggestion would be erg, as in "unit of work".

AWS (Amazon Web Services) uses a number of different "computational units of measure" in its cloud services pricing algorithms.

What are your thoughts?

Do you say "ok", "gas can stay" or "no", "gas must go"!

Also - if erg doesn't do it for you - pls post/reply a suggest "unit" name replacement!



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Crypto Blockchain and related Minutia
Crypto Blockchain and related Minutia

In a decade, the "regular" world has changed. The wonders of crypto and it's blockchain foundation and consensus/other protocols are taking the world by storm. What do you think? Enjoy the Minutia and lets keep the conversation and the technology "interesting"!

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