XLM charts 2.2.2021

XLM charts 2.2.2021

By kesteve | espcryptoit | 2 Feb 2021

Stellar on weekly time frime looks bullish, no greater retest have been made yet. On daily charts we can see some slowdown, since BTC's uptrend was broken after the ATH, XLM 2/3 of January accumulated. Last week started to gain new strength to retest it's resistance levels, if BTC can reach 38k and keep it as new support line, we can expect XLM will follow the trend.w1d1


On 4h chart we have found higher lows, but no higher highs, we need a few more hours to confirm the uptrend on lower time frames, I expect the price will move within 0.315-0.33 channel and then a possible breakout is about to happen, we have a resistance level at 0.37-0.38-0.41.4h Ichimoku4h 4 EMA

Hourly chart tells the same, as 4h, we need confirmation.1h Ichimoku1h 4 EMA

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