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Be careful with scammers!

By kesteve | espcryptoit | 29 Jan 2021

PI Network  - is just another scam? (My personal opinion)

"The First Digital Currency You Can Mine On Your Phone"Some folk a few hours ago just commented in my post about DOGE, this is not the first time I've met this relatively new phenomenon named PI Network. I've seen many similar "projects" claiming they are the future and today we don't even know they existed.

What I found about PI Network is a no go zone for me, see why:

There is no further information about market cap, circulating supply, max supply, no movement on the blockchain, no cryptocurrency exchange listings. It seems to me, it's just another shitcoin you can virtually cloud mine, in exchange you get virtual "coins" which you can't sell, exchange to fiat or other cryptocurrencies. I mean, there is no trackable data on the blockchain, no information about the mining process, if the 4m users get their tokens, why can't we see all the transactions in blockchain explorer, right? Oh and you don't even need to have connected phone to the internet, still it "mines" you the coins. Oh c'mon!

As I mentioned, I've already seen these kind of scam coins (I'm not saying this is it, but smells fishy), cheap website, barely can find any info about the creators, and you can get "free money" for your personal infos.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd like to please all of you, if you decide to try this coin, do some research. If I wanted to buy some altcoins, I would rather pick some better known, greater market cap coin somewhere between top 100-200 and with a normal whitepaper and roadmap, strong partnership. This was just my opinion, everyone has to make it's own research, because in the end it's all just on you. If you fail it's your fault, if succeed that's your success!


PS. If you'd like to see charts of other cryptos, let me know in the comments below :)Blockchain explorer

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