The Cheery Flower

By esciisc | Escii's Photography | 9 Jun 2021

Have you been to a sunflower field before? If you did, I'm sure that looking at the bright and yellow field of flowers brought smile to your face as well.
I experienced seeing a lot of sunflowers on a sunflower farm a couple of years ago, unfortunately I'm unable to take photographs of the big field of flowers because I was so busy admiring it's beauty that looks refreshing to the eyes.
But I have several photos that I want to share, I hope you enjoy.




Me on the background. I have to blur it because I'm ugly 😂


They say that the sunflower follows the sun. That's why it was named after it.
No matter where it grows, be it on a field or on our own gardens, just like the sun that shows up after a storm, it's cheery face surely cheers us up whenever we see them.















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