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The Campsite

By esciisc | Escii's Adventures | 9 Jun 2021

Albay is probably one of the provinces in the Philippines where your eyes can feast on a lot of sceneries. There's a lot of tourist spots here that attracts not just the tourists coming from other places, but also the locals. We have stunning beaches, lovely mountains, natural parks, farms and so on.
One of the famous spots here in Albay is the so-called The Campsite located in Amtic Hill Ligao City.
It was in 2019 when me and my friend decided to visit the place. And here, I will share the photos from that day.


"Take nothing but pictures, Leave Nothing but foot prints, Kill nothing but time."

To preserve the beauty of the place wherever we go, this is a good reminder not to take anything, even a simple stone. Don't leave any garbage and other stuffs to pollute the place so that others can enjoy the beauty of the place too when they come and visit. And kill nothing but time, don't kill any wild animal no matter how much you like to do so.


Before proceeding with the activities we planned, we have to register first.


Here, you can get a full view of the majestic Mayon volcano.


Time to set up the tent where were can take a rest in the evening.


Finally! The tent is ready for pictorial.


Here, visitors can also enjoy the glamorous setting of the sun.
And in the morning, we enjoyed listening to the song of the birds while looking at the clouds and just enjoying the solemnity of the place.



Being surrounded with the green mountain, and the green leaves and inhaling the fresh air is so refreshing.

I hope you enjoyed this tour to the campsite.

See you on my next adventure! 😉







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