Catanduanes Island

By esciisc | Escii's Adventures | 12 Jun 2021

Have you heard about Catanduanes? If not, then I'll take you there if you continue scrolling 'til the end of this article.

In 2019, I was invited by a friend to attend her wedding in Catanduanes and that's the reason I was able to visit the place with merely Php. 1,000 ($20) on my wallet.

Catanduanes is one of the 7107 islands in the Philippine archipelago and nature lovers will surely love the scenic landscapes and magnificent views of this island. Travelling is quite tiring since it takes more or less 4 hours from Tabaco, Albay by 'Roro' or ferry to reach the main town, Virac. But you'll surely forget about being tired once you see the beautiful landscapes and attractions of the island.


On the way to the island, we met this ferry full of passengers.

Travelling itself is already a great experience. Just seeing the vast blue sea will make you feel good, unless the waves are big, because you'll feel really dizzy when there are big waves.

Attractions In the Island

Luyang Cave Park. 

This cave was historically named as "Luyang Cave Park" is a mute witness of the tragic fate of the inhabitants of a certain village who we're trapped and suffocated to death inside the cave back in the 18th century.


This is the main entrance before reaching the cave. As you can see it is more convenient to use motorcycles when planning to tour around the place. Most locals also use motorcycles for transportation.



At the cave's entrance (Don't mind the model please haha)


Cute baby bats. Luyang Cave is also a home of thousands of bats.

Sacahon Beach. 

Do you love beaches? ( lol it doesn't sound right ) Then this is probably one of most beautiful beaches you will see. I personally fell in love with the view after seeing it. Sacahon beach has it's own unique beauty with it's attractive brown sand.


Who would say that only white sand beaches are stunning? Brown sand looks lovely too!


Of course, there's no way to let an opportunity to take a good portrait pass!

Binurong Point.

This picture-perfect panoramic landscape is the island's main tourist attraction. It takes 20-30 minutes of trekking to reach this place and see its breathtaking view. Trekking is fun when you do it with your crazy friends.

If you are a Filipino and you're familiar with Batanes, Binurong Point's cliffs will surely give you the Batanes look and feel. Even my friends on social media thought that I went to Batanes after I uploaded the pictures.


Point 1. Breathtaking view overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Picture perfect indeed!



Point 2. The Cliff



Point 3. Majestic rock formations.


This is called Binurong point because there are three "points" here to enjoy he scenery.

These are the only places we we're able to visit because of our limited time. There are a lot of beautiful sceneries on this island that I hope to see on my next visit to this island.

I hope you enjoyed this virtual Catanduanes adventure 😁

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