Now you can make easy money from promotional Campaign of Probit!

By Shamsal | Cryptobasket | 1 Apr 2021

Probit is a South Korean exchange which currently offers its exchange tokens called Prob. This token is currently using at close to 50 cents per coin. So the company decided to do a campaign to attract investors to this exchange.

They are offering BTC at 50% off.

Join probit and do kyc within April 5th 2021 and stake atleast 500 PROB to participate 

Ie you can purchase BTC with upto 50000 USD at Around 25000 USD.offer is valid for BTC PROB pair. So you need to purchase PROB first. Also Maximum allocation per user can be from 500-30000 USD. Refer to chart below

02fbd3d7bffeecca98cc760aa890b9d814603970f248c792e761327bcd5f3182.pngHere is the Pro Tip Math

  •  Buy 1600 Prob at current rate around 768 $
  • Stake 500 PROB and keep 1100 Prob for purchasing BTC at 50% off on April 5.
  • If you get maximum allocation. You can purchase 500$ BTC at 50% off and sell it at 1000$.
  • Now your profit is over 230+$ and 500 staked PROB which you can withdraw after 180 days.
  • If you stake more you can calculate based on the allocation you might get. Even if it's 2x oversubscribed you get get 50% refund on staked PROB. That is you always get with profit.
  • For whales : you can get 112,000 PROB at Around 60k USD. You need to stake 50000 PROB. You will get allocation of 30000 USD worth BTC on April 5.Sell it and you only make few profit in USD. But you get 30K USD worth PROB as profit which you can redeem after 180 days.

Note: DYOR

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